To the  kenyan people this topic sounds like a story that is being narrated to them more often than not ,it is like a gospel that is being preached to them.More often than not ,the charismatic leaders have made it their duty,a call to preach to the kenyans and remind them about the negative repercussions and feedbacks tribalism can cause when it is propagated.

That is tribalism.Tribalism in the reference to the tribe can refer to the loyalties that people feel toward particularly their tribes and to the way these loyalties affect their behaviour and their attitudes towards others.And,to most political arguements is that in multi-party systems it encourages tribalism which is used as the basis of ”divide and rule”policies.

Many a times as a country we have been warned not to delve to tribalism policies,but,all this drains down the drain line  as most kenyan starting from their leaders to the common citizens do upheld,condones and courts it.It is one of the anathemas that have being cited in many reports which holds us  back ,it’s a misguided conception and principle.

According to most political observers,tribalism and ethnicity are the most dangerous anathemas that being castigated and cited which acts as a stumbling block ,which hinders the prosperity of our country.

When the subjects and their leaders encourages and tolerates tribalism,they don’t accomodate each other ,hence they treat each other with suspicion.This is well replicated in our kenyan ways where everything is based on tribe factor.And,despite many positive strides we gained as a country this anathema drains all our gains.

A state,Republic is regarded as a true association not for it’s peacefulness,but,according to how it’s subjects do accomodate and tolerate each other regardless of their tribe and divergent views.

Despite our country been a true association ,where we have been commended for making positive strides in many fronts due to our aggressive agenda ,we still continues to be bugged down by this tribalism virus.

It is worth noting that in KENYA we do have 42 tribes ,with many sub-tribes all scattered throughout the nation.These tribes do have their unique cultural,societal rules ,language and the way of living .

Although having many tribes is a big plus and a blessing in disguise,ours has turned out to be a main problem.It has been argued that we don’t know how to manage our multi-ethnic tribal diversity.We were blessed with many tribes which are rich culturally and in their heritage,but ,all this has turned to be the ghost in disguise which haunts us.

Our mind sets and psyches have being bedevilled by tribalism to such an extent that when dealing with fellow kenyans the first we do is to inquire their tribe.It is a bad precedent which is bad taste which compromises our co-existence in this lovely country of ours.The tribe factor has turned out to be the common factor.

The negative side of it all is that it propagates hatred among the different tribes ,which at times backfires with major repercussions causing rimples across the divide ,like in year 2007/8 post election violences.It downsizes what we have achieved as a country.

On the positive side of tribalism is where the catch is,in the political circles.It acts as a political tool which is used and benefits the politicians ,tribal chieftains,political elites and barons.Their tribes are used as secret weapons ,a bargaining chip for power and a path to boast their political manouvres and scheming.

It is also in their tribe where they do create cocoons to hide when their corrupt ways are tracked.It acts as a defence.It is a tool that has been used to perfection by our politicians to their own good of which has been detrimental to the country.

To the contrary,it is ironical to hear politicians castigating tribalism,while their actions speaks otherwise.Their actions goes parallel to what they laments.Their words are ironical ,while their actions too satirical.

Tribalism happens to be the major hiccup and an obstacle for the growth of any country.It is one of the major un-doing we face due to the perceptions we created right from the start of which we didn’t rectify over the years.And,the most dangerous part of it all is that our leaders and politicians continues to condone,propagate and court it in our systems.

It,s a chronic cancer which has deeply entrenched itself in our systems of governance,in our psyches,our ways of doing things and how we handle issues.It’s a passage right,ritual,a baptismal of fire where any undertaking or ,any issue that crops up and needs to addressed has to face that passage.And,if microscopic lenses were to focus on the 2007/8 chaos ,accusing fingers would point and prick tribalism hairs in that soup.

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