Recently, Kenyans marked ten years since the terrorist bomb attack was detonated at the U.S Embassy in Nairobi.  The intensity of the bomb killed hundreds of people, others had their dreams shattered once and for all, and millions worth of property was destroyed.  To some, their lives took another twist as a handicap was added in form of disabilities because some lost their eyesights, legs, and arms.


Since that attack, life in the whole world changed drastically as a result of terrorism threat.  Terrorism has turned to be global phenomenon disasters, which need to be addressed because some people are using religion to argue that they’re fighting for the cause of that religion.


Remember, the September 11,2001, terrorist attack at twin towers in U.S.A, and many others linked to terrorism.


But, that fateful day, 7th August 1998, will remain irked vividly in the memories of many Kenyan.  A truck loaded with high explosive T.N.T bomb, was detonated at the U.SA. Embassy in Nairobi, by lieutenants of Osama bin laden, the Saudi Arabia, dissident and the head of al-queda.


The culprits behind this vicious and heinous act, who assembled that bomb and planned the attack are serving a life sentence jail in U.S.A while the master mind is still at large.

The Kenyan people were caught up in a cross fire of war, of which they didn’t know about and it’s cause.  This attack ushered the Kenyan’s people to Bin laden’s world of activates and agitation.


And, as a country, it seemed that we didn’t learn from that attack and security lapses, as we continued to be vulnerable.  Exactly 5 years later, our security system was caught napping again, by the same guys, as they attacked again, on November 20,2003, at the paradise hotel, in Kikambala at the coast.  This resort hotel was owned by an Israeli, hence it was frequently visited by the Israel people.


Also targeted by a hand propelled bazooka, was a chartered airplane carrying israelies, which missed by a whisker, as it was departing from, Mombasa International Airport, destined for Tel Arir in Israel.  That attack killed 13 people, mostly Kenyan and also destroyed the hotel.


In the most recent weeks, the mastermind of these terrorist attacks and the head of East Africa alqueda cell, that’s Fazul Abdullah, was widely reported of how he sneaks in the country and how he escaped the police dragnet, at the coastal towns.


As the world ponders how Fazul, reportedly escaped a police dragnet in Malindi, in recent weeks, it is now emerging that it may take a little longer before authorities catch up with him, courtesy of alleged botched police operation and failure to involve local residents in the search.


It’s unfortunate that Fazul got into Kenya unnoticed, as this has raised questions on the competence of our border security officials.  His return causes fear, bearing in mind that this is the same month he bombed us.


But, the million-dollar question is, just how does he manage to slip away? For, 10 years, Fazul Abdullah has eluded arrest.  It seems as if this guy has the liberty to sneak in and out of the country at will, without being detected.

The guy may also have a deadly master plan and all what he is waiting is a loophole to strike again, because it’s unknown where he went and what intentions he had.


Fazul, a computer expert, is Avery intelligent and a smart guy.  The guy also seems to have big connections at the coastal towns, who also acts as his sympathizers and informers of his cause.


The failed state of Somalia seems to play to our disadvantage because the country is a safe haven and fertile breeding grounds for terrorist groups.


The terrorist groups have taken the advantage of lawlessness of this country to group themselves, train recruits, strategies and smuggle deadly explosives.


But, what step have the Government taken to address this catastrophic threat? What are the long terms measures that the Government has undertaken counter terrorism?


The Government must be commended for taking the first initiative to avert terrorism by establishing an anti- terrorism police unit to specifically deal with this threat.  But, much needs to be done by enacting proper legislation to seal loopholes so that we can deal with the terrorists and their sympathizers.


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