The Tana river Delta massacre;Until when shall these senseless killings continue to claim innocent lifes? | tana river delta,senseless killings,innocent lifes

The Tana river Delta massacre;Until when shall these senseless killings continue to claim innocent lifes?And,what is the government doing to avert such an occurrence ,and,guarantee security to each an every Kenyan?We are vindicated by these heinous and senseless killing of innocent Kenyans.And,there must be something terribly wrong with our policy makers.They do not act promptly on life-and-death matters that affect ordinary people.

A case in point is the alarm that was raised by the Red Cross society on an impeding possible flare-ups ahead of general elections due to tensions over sharing of County positions and boundary disputes in newly demarcated areas.

The government should not abdicate it’s responsibility to Kenyans by finding scapegoats in chiefs.Providing security and gathering intelligence is the responsibility of the government ,and,security forces ,not the ill-equipped chiefs,and,their assistance.

Last week more than 52 oromos,mostly women and children were massacred in an orgy bizarre killing,as Pokomo,and,Oromos clashed .And,since time immemorial these two rival communities have at all times at loggerheads with each other.It was a pity to see innocent lifes killed in an inhumane way ;which could have been avoided in the first place.According to intelligence reports concerning that incident ,accusing fingers were pointing to the political class over incitements.

This paralysis is irksome especially when innocent lives are butchered .The killing in Tana are a shame for which we must bow our heads ,and,have some of those heads in top leadership roll.For crying out loud ,can the leadership do something tangible besides the usual empty rhetoric to end this imbecility?

The Kenya Red Cross society report was made in the wake of the massacre of 52 Oromos.The agency has said that politicians were pitting clans and ethnic groups against each other ,leading to violence like that witnessed in the recent past in North Eastern ,and,Tana river Delta.

According to Kimani wa Njuguna,while contributing in the Daily Nation ,wrote that ,it appears the government is yet to take the security of Kenyans seriously.How else can one explain the main instances when early warnings have been ignored.The terrifying aftermath of the 2007/8 election left a mark on Kenyans most of whom feel insecure during elections .This is unacceptable in a civilized society that boasts a progressive constitution.

But,introspectively,why would an elected leader ,a person in whom a lot of trust has been bestowed resort to such bestiality just to retain leadership?And,why would right thinking Kenyans take up arrows,guns,and,machetes and use them indiscriminately against fellow Kenyans at the prompting of some moron?

To endlessly hear the government issue futile warning of dire consequences to perpetrators of heinous crimes instead of taking decisive action is tiring and worrying.These attacks were not spontaneous .They were premeditated and retaliatory ,hence the security forces should have known.

And,it is a pity to note that we are approaching an electioneering period in our political calender where we do have a history of violence as witnessed in 2007/8.It is a worrying scenario putting into consideration the fact that it might be a precipitation of an impeding violence in the country,or,another ulterior motive.

Mr.Kimani,further,wrote that the government must fulfill it’s obligation of ensuring security for all citizens.It must wake up to the reality that the so-called peace meetings between elders of rival communities are not working.The government should punish lawlessness without fear,or,favor ,irrespective of who is involved.The security of Kenyans is paramount and nothing should be allowed to compromise it.

The deaths of innocent civilians must be curbed at all costs ,and,perpetrators must be brought to book.And,security must be maintained and guaranteed to the citizens to avoid a recurrence of massacres in the future.To the politicians,they must curb their behaviour of inciting people to cause violence .

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