The Syokimau demolitions:whose to blame,and,where does the buck stops.

Recently kenyans were treated to a depressing scenes,pictures of bulldozers descending ,and,bringing down palatial residential homes for the middle income earners of which it couldn’t escape their wrath.The demolitions in Syokimau area ,adjoining Jomo Kenyatta International Airport,was termed as a height of violation ever committed by any government against it’s citizens.It was one of the astounding spectacle to watch as bulldozers descended on this houses as their owners watched helplessly.

It was one of the inhumane evictions ever carried out where we have our own refugees in our country.It is an action which has led to a public outcry from all corners.And,it was a pity to watch millions of investments going down the drain.One woman narrated how she lost her entire saving in her well developed home which she had invested in putting that house.

Reactions have being mixed and varied to those demolitions on a land that the government says belongs to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.Some say the government has being heartless and dictatorial in using bulldozers to destroy houses put up at a greater cost by “innocent” kenyans.

And,blaming home owners in Syokimau is simplistic,and,i empathize with the innocent men and women whose homes were demolished .Technically they can be blamed for buying and developing land that actually belongs to the government coupled by the fact that our country is full of real fraudsters of whom they do cahoot with the government officers to freeze innocent kenyans.And,with the cunning land-sellers with all their trickery ,who are armed with documents that look so authentic ,bearing government stamp and seal ,the innocent kenyans can’t escape their wrath.

The Syokimau demolitions brought to the fore,and,unfolded the true picture of how loose the fraudsters are,who are planning to reap from the innocent kenyans in a well orchestrated plan that’s being facilitated by the corrupt,inefficient government officers.And,some issues are beyond re-approach,because,how can you explain how such a government’s prime land was acquired and people were duped to buy.

The level of corruption in our systems of governance and a government which cannot protect it’s people ,were brought in the open,where fraudsters are having a field day.Staging a fraud worth millions with ultimate impunity,then getting away with it ,without a finger been raised ,begs for actions.

That the government waited for it’s citizens to buy land and erect palatial homes at a great expense,only to bring bulldozers to bring them down boarders on sadism.And,as the blame game accelerates ,where does buck stops because there must be somebody who bears the responsibility over these demolitions.

In matters of introspective ,how did the fraudsters stage and commit such a crime on the noses of the government without them being detected?And,after all the government that’s supposed to protect it’s citizens and caution them against such fraudsters is failing in it’s duty,and,turning against it’s people ,a case which sends cold shivers down our spines.

And,it seems there exists a cartel of government land officers,lawyers ,real estate agents and brokers who are duping innocent kenyans into buying non-existence land.The fraudsters use existing title deeds plans-documents showing location and divisions on land to tamper with the records at the lands ministry.The group is behind the rising cases of people buying land belonging to other people.

However,as the repossession continues ,it must be established how these lands were grabbed in the first place.Thorough investigations must be carried out to establish whether officers at Kenya Airport Authority and Ministry of Land colluded in the schemes that led to the land transfers.

From the other end of the scale,some argue that those who build on land acquired in irregular fashion-whether they be actual “land grabbers”,or,merely victims of the fraudsters -should not expect no mercy.

Investigations must also focus on the local authority who have been taking and selling land that does not belong to them.

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