It’s like this hot seat is haunted because it haunts each and every occupant who occupies it. The treasury docket is headed by the finance minister. The treasury sums up as the nerve center of any government, thus the sensitiveness of the seat, and if the occupant doesn’t trend carefully he sometimes finds himself been trapped in the cobweb of intricacities, been controlled by the elites.

This is the spot, deputy prime minister and Finance minister, Uhuru Kenyatta, hook after parliament cleared himself in, but he has survived the scare and he is off the hook after parliament cleared him of any wrongdoing. The finance minister found himself in hot pan waiting to land on a five after he presented a supplementary budget estimates in parliament was anomalies, with a discrepancy totaling to almost shs 1 0billion.

The matter was whistle blown by Imenti central M.P Gitobu Imanyara while contributing to the bill made claims in parliament, and the Mars group that has scrutinized the budget and raised the red flag.

First on face of it the Finance Minister dismissed the shs 9.2 b query figment of Gitubo’s imagination. but in the interim, however, Mr. kenyatta discovered that there was indeed something wrong with his sums . And then casually declaring later tat it was a “typing or computer error”.

While referring to the matter to parliament’s department committees on finance and budget, which are mandated to scrutinize the government’s budgets pending, the House Speaker noted that the claim is weighty and needs to be investigated and reported back to the house.

A supplementary budget estimate brought is a bill that’s brought in parliament by the Government seeking for an approval for extra funds. If the initial budget falls short of what had been budgeted, the Government can request for approval from the parliament for extra funds.

The Finance minister is been lambasted because most M.P’s accused him of duping them to pass the supplementary estimates, and, the way he reacted after the claim was made flouting his estimates. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to explain himself to the two committees or on the floor, to concede that there was indeed a ‘typing or computer error’ that had caused the discrepancy in question, he decided to go overboard.

In Kenyatta’s case, it is not at moment, strictly speaking, graft allegations that he faces as there is no evidence yet of any fraud, only some dodgy arithmetic and tampering with figures.

But, why is it that we don’t show seriousness or undertake any precautionary measure like scrutinizing these vital documents, when dealing with any issue that touches the common Kenyan?

This scam has raised hullaboos from several quarters and the government is in a tight spot to explain how a ‘typing or computer error’ could occur to such an important and vital document with a big magnitude and ramifications without detection and scrutinisation from the Government officials.

According to an informed source familiar with on goings at the treasury, the computer system they are using have served the department well for over three years without a failure and how come it’s this time round.

This shenanigan spectacle has necessitated the degeneration of different School of thoughts with a whole set up of bar talk arguments. Some are arguing that it was a conspiracy theory and an act of sabotage which was hatched to undermine the finance minister. Others are saying that it was an act of defraud which was intended to embezzle tax paying Kenyans.

But, there’s a world of difference between innocent typing errors and sabotage by political enemies. The fact of the matter is that the finance Minister must be conversant with treasury dealings and not to sleep on the job because this docket serves as the nerve center of the government.

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