What started out as a small matter, pitting the vive- president Kalonzo Musyoka and the prime minister Raila Odinga, over the protocol issue has grown overboard.The issue of who is more senior than the other, who should introduce the president, came to the fore as a matter of fact, which exposed a serious gaping hole.

The issue of protocol, the pecking order was just a mere scapegoat, as there’s more in the bag than meets the eye.The actors of this side- show, used the protocol issue to convey their messages as it exposed a great political rivalry. The Kenyan can brace themselves for a can of worms that’s in waiting ahead and until it’s addressed fully it will keep on haunting us as it’s a major stumbling block.

When the national peace accord was crafted and signed, it didn’t address this issue at all. The lieutenants of the two protagonists are only interpreting the national accord according to their own understanding. While some are arguing that the office of prime minister is being recognized by the constitution. The others are arguing that according to the constitution the vice- president is the vice- principal to the president.

What we are experiencing is a real battle, a battle for political supremacy and rivalry between these two protagonists, which started way before. The succession battles are taking shapes and at long last they may hamper and sabotage the growth of the country.

The two protagonists can look forward to the all- familiar political war of succession as president Kibaki serves his last term in office.

But, why is it that, politics always takes centre stage in any matter that we deal with or engage in while other issues takes backstage?

It’s now apparent that the whole matter plan that was crafted concerning this country that would have enabled us recover from the post election violence is in serious jeopardy after those early signs. The underhand where suspicion and political rivalry will take centre stage. The political nemesis will be playing their political games while placing their cards close to their chests while releasing the venomous ones.

The political rivalry displays between prime minister Raila Odinga and vice-president Kalonzo Musyoka may not entirely lie on political pecking order but also on ongoing succession battles. More battles are ongoing and will probably continue, putting the president’s desired legacy in very great jeopardy or completely made impossible.

In conclusion we must remind our political leaders that succession politics in the third world, particularly Africa, can be very dangerous if they aren’t handled properly.

The upshot is that succession battles have already begun. They will cloud any desired reforms.

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