Political intrigues have been part of us, dogged us and have characterized our politics for quite along time. These intrigues have been the major stumbling obstacles which have hampered and a deprivation factor in our daily lives and as an ideal country. It’s an art which has been perfected by the political elites and politicians. The resultant of this is political rivalry which sometimes backfires with big ramifications of violence’s and bloodshed.


And, it’s under these circumstances that we found ourselves in 2007/2008 which forced the country to adopt a system of governance we hadn’t attested before. At that time a compromise had to be reached to bring ceasefire hence the formation of the coalition government. The political bitter rivals were brought together in the same table to share the political power and push the country’s agenda in a totally an unfamiliar circumstances.


Since then it’s almost 18 months after the coalition government was established, adopted and costing together bitter rivals to work it out in the government brought a new leaf. As a country we have trekked one of the taunt rum, scary, desperate and tedious political journeys we have ever witnessed because we thought that tempers would cool due to the adoption of the coalition government.


But contrary to the assumption our political road hasn’t been up to the billing because it’s full of potholes, it’s narrow and full of reckless political drivers who doesn’t care about other political drivers. From political bickering protocol mishaps, tribal animosities , issuance of inflammatory remarks and ministers washing their dirty linens in the public, all these have been the hallmark and characterized the coalition government.


Emerging from different political strongholds of which they were held by the divergent views and ideals, they were required to sit on the same table to deliberate which calls for high level headedness and strong political will, but they weren’t up to the task. The signing of the National accord made them to chat often the next course of action for the country out of the doldrums it had slipped into by incorporating and instilling good governance, initiate reconciliation and total reformation in our systems of governance and deliver a good constitution which will abide and bade all Kenyans.


Since those moments a lot has passed under the bridge we have withered , occasionally scary political storms and tidal waves which seems to rock our boat, different  clouds have hovered around which at times resisted the temptation to be blown away by the torrential winds, but we have survived  the scares. This all happens against a back draw of poor Kenyans trying to live a life that’s proving to be difficult, but to the politicians, what emanates from the. And what they can do is fight for political supremacy battles as they tries to outdo each other.


This happened almost concurrently with the worst global recession which have ever hit the world, which occasioned the collapse and downfall of worlds major economies, with it’s repercussions been felt in the developing countries. The cost of living to most Kenyans skyrocketed to an optimum high where the cost of the basic commodities hit the roofs making their prices inaccessible by the common Kenyans.


These was also coupled by the deteriorated of weather patterns which necessitated famine and drought which ravaged the country which forced the Government to come to aid of the Kenyans.


But, what’s the state of the Nation; is there something to smile about or not, is there something to write home about, is there any positive milestone we have achieved?


As a state’s citizens we must review our ideal state and its guiding maps analyze them and know whether we are on the right path and ascertain whether we can re-route our maps because desperation has griped most Kenyans up to the Brink of despair.

       This question of the state nation comes hot on heels with the recent retreat which brought together the two principal, cabinet minister ,their assistants and permanent secretaries in the same concave to deliberate together on how they can push the country’s agenda together in a united front.

According to a communiqué which they arrived at, it was resolved that minister and assistants will have to obey the code of collective responsibility .oath of secrecy, speak in one and publicly criticizing each other and the government they serve. They must  foster unity and cohesion with the government by refraining from making averse public utterances against fellow ministers and those which could cast a dad image of the government.


The failure by the coalition government to swiftly implement reforms, a soiled the international image pitfalls that have stoked divided cabinet, flagrant disregard of the oath office are the pitfalls that have stoked the 18 months old government


But as a county have we made any meaningful paces in, social, economic and behavioral fronts, can we pride ourselves as a country which was developing?


According to David Mogeni, while contributing in the Sunday Nation, wrote that whatever else divides Kenyan’s , we are united in believing that the practice of our politics is vital for a good society, so it is with dismay that we have seen our political class fail various fundamental tests of governance. Politics and politicians in the publics mind have become not the solution to the issues that confronts us but the problem, trust in the political process and in those charged with making it work has collapsed.


And He concludes that tribalism dominates political debates.

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