It’s now dawning, that the Waki report , which has been tossed up and down, as different versions of views, opinions been aired, now, it seems as if the matter is gravating to a conclusive rest. Reality, it seems is infiltrating among the Kenyan society at large. The main perpetrators of the violence’s and those who committed crimes against humanity must face the full force of the Law to halt the culture of impunity.


Now, it’s apparent that the special tribunal that was recommended by the Waki commission after all will be constituted. The Government through the cabinet deliberated on the matter and agreed the formation of the tribunal. And, to showcase the cabinet commitment, they constituted a sub-committee that will act as a guide, offer direction and lay down the necessary guidelines which will spearhead the tribunal formation.


The sub committee members constitute the President, Prime minister, together with the members of the negotiating teams from both sides of the political divide. Their mandate is to draft up a clear roadmap which will necessitate a transparent and acceptable tribunal.


And, true to their mandate, the sub-committee has sent out a green light indicating that they have fine tuned crucial bills which will be tabled in parliament for discussion and adoption.


The international community and particularly the International Criminal Courts, in the Hague, is closely monitoring what will unfold as we formulate and unravel justice as we uncover the perpetrators of the violence. Whether we will manage to climb this uphill task, what matters is how we organize ourselves.


The political class elite have agreed the formation of the tribunal to avoid the Hague way. Those who had taken a hardline stance seems, they have backtracked and they have softened their stance after realizing that they will be caught up in a cobweb of intricacities.


May be most of them may have taken a cue from the Rwandese minister who was arrested in Germany .She was one of the President’s Paul Kagame’s top aide. A warrant of arrest was lodged against him in connection with the Rwanda genocide. She was handed over to the special International Criminal Courts based in France which prosecute main perpetrators of the Rwandanese  genocide.


But, what will be the fate of this special and local tribunal? Will it be a subject of manipulation where everything will be swept under the carpet.


But, what worries us most is the change of heart by the proponents who had totally opposed the Waki report , with a hardline stance. And, the President’s call that justice must be tampered with forgiveness so that we can avoid the disintegration of the country or lose track of the gains we have achieved.


The victims of the violence’s who either lost their father, mothers , brothers, sisters, relatives or lost their property are watching closely how justice will be meted out to the perpetrators who caused havocs in their lives.


Whether that tribunal will mete out justice accordingly and perform it’s mandate as law takes it course, only time will tell as we wait and see how things will unfold when time comes. A new era has dawned where we must walk our talks.

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