………And, just like a Judge who- promises to deliver a landmark ruling, and a ruling which weighs weighty consequences to the general public which will show the sense of direction of where the next course of action will head, usually finds himself in a tinder box. That was the position the speaker of the National assembly, the parliament, honourable Kenneth Marende, found himself in.

He was supposed to settle a matter, which was under contenticity among the two political warring factions, which were all crying for his attention.

On April 28th, the whole country was at agape as everybody was anxious, and, to most political players, they were holding their breaths waiting the verdict from the house speaker. All the eyes, microphones and lenses were directed and focused on him as he was the focal point.

Mr. Speaker was responding to a point of order that had been raised in the house requiring the direction from the chair, concerning a matter which was a subject to contenticity, that’s the leader of Government Business in the house and the chair of Business committee.

His ruling was supposed to unlock the stalement which was threatening to derail the government’s parliamentary business. As is what is expected according to the house standing orders, the speaker must at all times rise on the occasion and above the fray to matters pertaining to the house to take a moderate stand so as not to favour any side.

So in that in mind, he was trending on a tight rope, carefully juggling his ruling so as not to pick up any query with any of the warring factions.

To the P.N.U side, they expected the speaker to make the ruling based on what the constitution says, and to the O.D.M, they expected the speaker to make a ruling bearing in mind the prevalence of the National Accord and Reconciliation Act. And, it was in these vigorous arguments that the speaker had an uphill task ahead of him.

Prior to his ruling, he had kept everybody at a glance and guessing. So, when the hour came to deliver his verdict, he didn’t disappoint as he delivered a 64min verdict which sliced across the political divide. To most pundits, he precipitated it to end in a draw, as he didn’t side or settle any political score with any faction.

And, just like the cool wind or cool breeze which cools the hot situations, boiling point. In his ruling, Mr. Marende took up the chair of the leader of Government in the house on a temporary basis, as he threw back the ball to the principals. He up surged the role of the executive in the house terming it as a desperate decision during a desperate time.

But, did the speaker’s verdict offer or resolved a lasting solution to our problems?

To most political observers, they likened the speakers ruling to king Solomon’s wise decision rulings, of which I beg to differ, what the speaker offered was a suspended justice just for a short, and, unlike King Solomon who gave his final verdict and gave the right woman with her rightful child, the speaker decided to keep the child. His ruling only offered a piecemeal ceasefire which cooled the situation.

As he threw the ball to the two principals, he threw it with a caution to them to consult and dialogue among themselves. But, for any meani0ngful gain to emerge there must be goodwill and the political factions must be ready to cede grounds.

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