It seems as if, we us Kenyans have devised new ways of airing our views, venting our anger, issues, frustration. Total malicious and wanton destruction of property seems to be the order of the day. From the early year election violence to the now school riots.
It seems as if, the ghost that haunted us at the beginning of the year, has resurrected again.

But, this time around it has invaded our schools. Hells have broken loose and the little minds that are being molded in our schools seems to have lost some nuts in their heads. Most schools have being closed indefinitely as a result of students’ unrest after they went on rampage.

Most schools are trying to outdo each other as schools that go on the rampage are here worshipped by others that follow the same script for recognition and the we – also- went – on – strike.

The Government and the parents are only wondering what has gone wrong in our schools.

But, what’s the underlying factor that’s making our students to riot, or what are their grievances? What’s the Government doing to address this grave situation that’s sabotaging our education system?

The education experts are pointing accusing fingers to drugs, indiscipline among the students, and poor administrative management in most schools.

The bans on caning among the students have being pin pointed as the main cause of indiscipline among the students. When the Government banned caning, the experts warned that the banning of corporal punishment was bound to boomerang and they were ignored.

A nation columnist writing by then, commented that, “Ban the cane yes, but we may live to rue it’’. He was reacting after the Government banned corporal punishment in Schools in July 2000. Seven years to the day, this prophetic warning has come to pass.

The government was reacting knee- jerk style to growing exhortation by human rights groups to safeguard the rights of the child. What is going on could have been averted if
Our policy makers had given the issue more thought.

The wanton destruction of property in most schools, which is been estimated to be worth
Millions of shillings is quite regrettable. If you reflect on the many years of effort (building schools) that have been destroyed, the loss is awesome. Schools that have taken generations to put up are being reduced to rubbles in a moment of madness by a pampered generation.

Another contributing factor was when the decision was made to remove the teacher, as a central figure in shaping upcoming generations was criminal. To imagine that teachers can only punish wayward behavior on pain of a jail term is criminal negligence on the part of our policy makers.

Ngwiri observed then, “ Kenya’s teachers should never be made to quake in front of their drugged, knife- or even gun- wielding pupils.” Now it’s not only teachers quaking in the boots, but entire country.
There are no two ways to bringing up a discipline society. The Government must act swiftly and address the issue and save us from this agony. Lasting solution must be put in place instead of forming taskforces every now and then.

Efforts must be made to unravel the problems. Many grievances said to be reason for school riots are purely administrative. It’s necessary for the ministry to introduce a mandatory management course for aspiring to be school heads.
Reason must be found on why riots are prevalent in public schools.

The parents, school administration, students need to join hands to end this madness.

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