In our political arena which is almost crowded to the brim at all times by the political players all eyeing the same prize, then expect the eminent and the constant catfights which will always be numerous and of which characterizes our politicking. It’s a normal occurrence for political opponent to go for each other necks if one feels vulnerable, undermined or his peripheral line has been crossed over.

An just like the advantageous bug fishes over the small ones, the resultant fact is that their domineering, is challenged by other big fishes if they feel that their territorial boundaries is been encroached or threatened which precipitates the fight.

But, in some cases fights sometimes goes beyond the normal political fights ands mudsling as it tilts into a paradox box which backfires with negative repercussions. The political shenanigan symptoms are well portrayed when opponents tries to bill a political score, political grudges are always in making and are resolved with a political retaliation and to the end of it all the termination of an opponents political career.

Disparing give them credit or not politicians will always be politicians, and they will politicize any issue or undertaking no matter what impact it holds, they only come to sooth us in total disguise as our leaders. Their main focus is the next general election, strategise on it and how they will survive in this turbulent political waters.

These are the fights that we have been treated and forced to witness of late, one in many which has rocked the O.D.M party, which has necessitated the emergency of two political fronts. The fight between the party leader, who is the prime minister and his agricultural minister, William Ruto has poised to be Litmus test and an uphill task for the O.D.M task for the O.D.M party to unravel, which has been running for quite a while.

Their differences have been boiling for a while which stemmed out over divergent differences concerning a wide ranging of issues, among them the appointment of key government positions with one group proclaiming it was given a raw deal. The handling of the post election violence suspects and the Mau forest eviction climaxed this fight as it hit the boiling point and to an almost dead end situation.

On the surface of it, this fight is an unseemingly assumption, but down the spine it’s mounting to be vicious battle which doesn’t augur well and it might tear apart the party. The real pointer was well portrayed when agriculture’s minister’s allied group snubbed the party’s ruling council retreat.

These two protagonists assembled together their allied loyal soldiers whom the real battles are left to, and who constantly throws salvos to their opponents. These foot soldiers charts and sends the signal of the next course of action, for at the end day they can sacrifice for that course.

Chest thumping has turned out to be order of the day which is characterizing political rallies, and a show casement of political supremacy, as each allied group tries to capitalize on the matter politically. Each camp is trying to downplay the other of how they have been treated unfairly as they try to entice the masses. Creation of mountains out of mole hills have been the characteristic of the maneuvering political players.

But, does this catfights between, Raila Odinga and William Ruto have any meaningful gainful agenda for the country, or, is it just one out of the many political irrelevant battles? Does this battle has its owners, or is it a well thought out ironical plan in making behind the scenes?

At this times we are trying to fix and overhaul our country with a good constitution, give it a new lease of life by major reformation, we need sober, level headed leaders who can strike a compromise and settle things amicably. These catfights are irrelevant in their own way because they create deviations, although the key players are proclaiming that it’s democracy that’s taking root in the country, but the course they are taking sometimes makes us wary.

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