The riots after Sheikh Rogo’s death is a sign that all is not well in KENYA.Is this what we will experience,witness ,and,expect as a country? | mombasa,riots,sheikh rogo

mombasa,riots,sheikh rogoIs this what we will experience,or,expect as a country?Or,is it a precipitation of what could be in store for our dear country ,if we do commit political blunders in the forthcoming general election?Is this what we will witness as a nation if the scenarios that unfolded are anything to go by?And,as a nation are we ready to cope and contain the aftermath of this precipitation?

After the fatal shooting of the radical extremist Muslim cleric ,Sheikh Aboud Rogo, what thereafter were waves of violence that rocked Mombasa town.August ,27,was the day Sheikh Rogo,was shot dead in Mombasa ,sparking riots that left 3 prison warders dead.The whole town erupted in deadly riots that nearly paralysed the havens of Mombasa which resulted with the burning of various christian churches.

For two days the whole town was turned into a ghost town ,characterized by running battles pitting the youths ,and,the anti-riot police.But,the demonstrators were not just targeting police and other symbols of government.They also turned their ire on churches ,in what reflects an assault on”upcountry”residents.Another alarming aspect is that some of those involved in the protest were armed,not just with stones,but,with deadly hand grenades that were used to deliberately target security forces.

Sheikh Aboud Rogo,who was gunned down ,was a controversial ,radical extremist cleric,whose sermons were radical,and,full of hate.He was presumed to be a terrorist .At the time of his death ,he was facing a terror related charges at the High Court.He was thought to be recruiting youths to join the ranks of the Somalia’s al shabaab ,terror group.Also,he mobilized financial aid to help this terror group.

His Madrassa teachings had been cased,due to what many perceived them to be full of hate,violence an incitement to religious war .His teachings were inducing radicalized extremist ideals on the youths.And,for along time he was accused to be one of the masterminds behind 2003 Kikambala bombing in the Coast. He was one of the coordinators of that terror attack.He was named bu United Nations and U.S.A for helping Al shabaab ,where US had put him on a terrorist watch list due to his involvement in terror .

But,after his fatal shooting ,with the accusing fingers pointing to the police ,a row of riots erupted .Angry youths poured into the streets to express their outrage ,turning them in to battle fields.Even if these were spontaneous protests sparked by that fatal shooting of the cleric ,it reveals that the clerics incindiary sermons filled with the hate ,violence and incitement to religious war have attracted disciples ready to call to arms.

Introspectively,this is what we will expect,what is in store as a nation if we do commit a political blunder in the forthcoming election.The riots after Rogo’s death is a sign that all is not well in Kenya.The violent protests reveals and paints a picture of a ticking time bomb.I f we don’t tread carefully ,violence are in awaiting ,which might be triggered by a single click ,as was the case with the cleric’s fatal shooting ,and,what followed were incitement to violence.

And,talk about a delicate position we are in as a nation ,a volcano is awaiting to erupt,a ticking time bomb.

According to Daily nation columnist,Macharia Gaitho ,he had opined that ,the danger of angry and bitter youth is not only a Muslim thing.It is a long shot.The same sense of alienation that may be used to entice youths to craze ideologies is present across the length and breadth of Kenya where poverty ,joblessness and hopelessness reign.

It is as if we didn’t learn from the 2007/8 post election chaos.Also,putting into consideration the flare ups that normally boils up in other parts of the country puts our country at a state of worry.

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