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To the subjects of this country of ours, in their considered views and what is making rounds in the public opinion talks concerning this hot issue in the fight against corruption the wheels of justice are rolling on the right way. If you happen to be still stuck in the old school of thought then you will be on the wrong side of the coin.

The fight against corruption is gaining momentum and it’s being from all corners. The general public is heaping praises to the renewed, energetic fight against the runaway corruption.

But, since the enactment of the new constitutional order, coupled by strong checks and balances by the legislature and the anti-corruption watchdog institutions have all been performing above par. The new constitution has been challenging and questioning the integrity of our leaders and government officials. Already, senior officials are in court trials, others are under microscopic ray analyzing and unfolding their conducts. The new constitution comes at such an opportune moment, right on time as we were trying to mould a new Kenya.

And, times are harder, waters are tough and turbulent for those officials who are still engaging in corrupt dealings, or, courting it. There has been no other time in the times that the war on corruption has been declared and fought with zeal and will like in this time. The zeal that has been orchestrated in this fight is just amazing.

In a country where corruption characterizes the systems of governance which at the end of it all hampers, hinders and acts as a stumbling block to the delivery of services and development of a country, such a renewed move must get praises.

And, just like the Athenian society where various ills affected the society in those times, these ills also do affect us and corruption is one of the ills which affects our country and to the larger extent the African continent and third world countries.

The Kenyan Situation was well captured and harshly noted by the American diplomat, Michael Rannebeagur. In his leaked wikileaks diplomatic cables while analyzing the issue of corruption he described our country as a “swamp of corruption” where the leaders have benefited from the corruption.

But all this might change for the best if the screws on zero tolerance on corruption are to be adopted fully and tightened; the leaders and government officials who have engaged in dubious dealings have been pricked and arraigned in courts while been held to account for their deeds. Ministers are been forced to call it quits, or, step aside to pave way for investigations under a dark cloud hovering over them.

Credit goes to the new constitutional order and change of guard at the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission, the country’s corruption watchdog which has renewed and vowed to tame the evil of corruption in the country. Such a renewed fight with an energetic vigour is incredible and will certainly scare away the would be culprits.

Thee new KACC director, Patrick Lumumba, has injected new blood, enigma and strategy in fighting this vice, coupled by good and strong laws. And, the new constitution isn’t compromising; it is questioning the integrity of the tainted leaders.

Anti- corruption watchdog’s claws are sending chilling effects down the spines of the officials who are being implicated in corrupt damning reports. And. If it happens that you are on the wrong side of the law and you are a government official the law demands that you call it quits. As it always obvious the culprits are always in denial moods pleading their innocence, crying foul that they are been targeted, or, a suspicious scheme has been hatched to finish them politically. But, the worst of it all is when they lament that their people are being targeted.

And, this is what the O.D.M party reacted after their chairman was arraigned in court to answer to corrupt related charges. They hypocritically whined that their party is being targeted by the anti- corruption watchdog. The have threatened the commission with a motion in parliament, talk about politicizing the war in corruption.

But, whether they do whine, cry foul, politicize, the war on corruption must be fought at all costs. This ill must be eliminated from our midst and in the systems of governance.

To succeed in this fight the necessary political will must be guaranteed by the political class, as failure to do so we will be doomed to fail. The new constitution has done it’s part by lying the necessary platform and it’s upon on our leaders to show the necessary guidance to succeed, failure we will be on a mission impossible.

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