To any aspiring politician or activist who really wants to be heard then the reform is the platform and the launching pad to penetrate into the murky political waters. It has been turned as a slogan and an anthem. Since time memorial the opposition parties political activists and members of the civil society have been calling for a radical reforms in our institutions of governance. Whether these institutions are worth any reforms or not only the people of Kenya can tell.

But this debate of reforms seems like another chapter of the page because the government of the day have been dodging this agenda forum whenever its pushed in a tight corner. Since we gained independence the government administrations of Kenyatta, Moi, and now Kibaki have been prophesizing of how they will institute the necessary reforms in the institutions of governance of which they didn’t and haven’t needed.

The political and civic activists have constantly lambasted the current constitution as a major hindrance to the necessary reforms accountability and transparency in the systems of governance which the delivery of services. But matters pertaining to the change of constitution have eluded us for quite along time because there hasn’t been any political will from our leaders and they have turned this agenda into a political tool.

This talk of reform agenda has created a wedge between the two political cliques’ where the politicians align themselves to that’s the hardliners and reformers. And to most politicians it depends much according to which side of the coin is on the toss because politicians can’t be trusted as they act as turncoats. Today self proclaimed political reformer is tomorrow’s hardliner and vice versa.

The resignation of the former justice minister, Martha Karua and her counterpart Danson Mungatana, where they cited frustration in their working in the government climaxed the rallying call for the reform agenda. But these two aren’t sincere in their words and their arguments doesn’t hold any water because according to their accusers they were part of the political hardliners and what happened was a fall out.

Also the recent public spat, blame game and war of words which pitied the former justice minister, chief justice and the attorney general on how the system of justice should be reformed and how they should dissiment justice showcased a real pointer that our institutions of governance seriously needs reforms.

The activists have also joined the fray, to renew their numerous calls for major reforms in our institutions of governance. In their agreements the current set up of governance has always been a major stumbling block to any milestone that the country might take.

And despite the formation of numerous commissions of inquiry which have all recommended that our institutions needs radical reforms, nothing has been done.
The recommendations of the reports aren’t acted upon, for they are shelved in the government shelves until another disaster occurs which calls for the formation of a commission.

The ruling class wants the status quo to remain so that they can continue to manipulate the system at the expense of the Kenyan people. They want the current set up of governance which isn’t transparent and will protect their interest and maneuvers

But, as a country, does our own institutions of governance needs the radical reforms that have been leveled and, are we on the right chord to necessitate the necessary reform agenda? And, why is it that the ruling class always wants the status quo to remain?

It’s a fact that our institutions of governance need the much anticipated reforms so that they can be transparent and accountable because they have been underperforming. We must build a system of governance that will not cordon corruption, discrimination along tribal or ethnic lines, nepotism and kleptocracy.

The necessary reform agenda will avert the shenanigans that affect our country. Also, the country will move with times so that it can attain the vision 2030 dream. And, as the much anticipated constitution change remains elusive, we must prioritize this reform agenda.

But, the much needed reforms will be an elusive affair unless our leaders put their acts together and they stop been selfish lot.

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