We need fresh elections. This was the rallying call that was leveled by the church under the auspices of N.C.C.K. They argued that the coalition Government has totally failed the country, as they haven’t addressed the issues that affect the citizens of this country.

According to their verdict, they described president’s Kibaki presidency as moribund and Prime minister Raila Odinga as ineffective. They also summed up in their report that the coalition government as too cumbersome to the Kenyan people.

Since the grand coalition Government wrapped up a year after they signed the National Accord, there has been reports analyzing and gauging of its working, the strides it has made and its cohesiveness. Different groups of people, individuals, organizations, and N.G.O’s have all subjected the coalition government in their own Litmus tests. Divergent report verdicts have come up to castigate the coalition government.

Such a kind of a coalition government has not been tested in Africa and Kenya’s case was exceptional and a test case considering the fact that both partners had circumvented from different political backgrounds.

But, according to most analyzed reports, the coalition Government has poorly performed below the bar since it’s inception. The coalition has turned out to be too bothersome and cumbersome to tax paying Kenyans. Many thought the coalition would fix some of their problems, but alas it has turned to be problematic cause it has been rocked by corrupt scandals, dressing down as cabinet ministers are at each others throats, squabbles and too much politicking at the expense of serving the Kenyans.

But, was the chu9rch justified in its rallying call for fresh elections and thei0r whole criticism of the coalition government?

The criticism of the government operations is justified because what church demonstrated and unfolded is a growing frustration among the population over the government’s failure to address the issues that are affecting people in these harsh economic times. The church is just only a small fraction of a frustrated population.

But, the rallying call for fresh elections is far fetched and totally way out of thew reality. Going by the reality which is already on the ground, holding an election at this time in a country which hasn’t healed it’s linking wounds of post election violence’s is contrary to the rules of natural justice. It might also turn out to be a total violation of rights and also it might awake the ghosts that haunt us.

Also, there’s a political vacuum am our electoral body, after it was disbanded following a recommendation by the kriegler commission to pave way for a new competent team. Since it’s disbandment a new team hasn’t been selected after the initial one was dogged by controversies.

The mass populations do share the views of criticism because the coalition has totally failed them. They are applauding when the government is pushed to the tight corner. Despite numerous assurances from the two principals that they will realign the Government and makes the heads role, they haven’t done so.

But, what draws much criticism is the bloated cabinet which continues to face the full wrath because it continues to be a burden and it’s beyond the taxpayers.

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