*First,managers do things right,but leaders do the right things

*In practise leaders generally appear in a difficult situation and step forward to accept mantle of leadership.

*Good leaders are reliable ,with integrity they make promises carefully and can be trusted by their word.

*Ability to make decisions and act boldly in the face of setbacks and adversely is the key to greatness in leadership.

*Many leaders are born out of adversity.

*Leaders have the courage to make decisions in the face of doubts and uncertainty.

*The leaders have to be able to step out when there’s a big chance of failure

*Tha leaders walks their talk.Like the glossy suited questionable sunday T.V cleric on the stage ,they don’t preach water and drinks the wine.

And,as a ZULU proverb says-When faced with two dangers,one behind you and one infront of you ,it is always better to go forward.As a good leader does.

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