It is now crystal clear that we are heading to the referendum. A huge chunk of our thinking undertakings and discussions are focused and centered on the constitution, it is the focal point of the moment. It is what is ringing the bell in Kenya at this time. It is either a yes, or, no which most Kenyans are identifying with according to their political, tribal, and the perceptive divide.

After haggling and nagging for quite of considerable years the constitution road is now clear. It is like an aeroplane on the runaway ready for the take off, and prior to the intended flight the plane had developed severe mechanical problem which now has faced a total overhaul to give it a facelift. Whether it will now gain enough power and momentums to enable it take off is a matter of time and its engine power.

And, just like a judge who must deliver a landmark ruling based on the facts and evidence produced in the court we are in the same cross path, we must make a ruling on the constitution based on what its content says which we must read and analyse it carefully. It will be a decisive referendum where we will arouse our considered perceptions so as to vote wisely.

But, the Million dollar question still loom, will the forthcoming referendum until the country or will it plant the seed of discord and hatred among the Kenyan people just like in 2005?

According to the set time frame the Committee of Experts are supposed to be conducting the civic education on the proposed constitution, but, to the contrary the politicians are on the roll, they have taken over in their characteristic manner. Kenyans are now going to be bombarded with massive propaganda myths of the constitution on a large scale to poison their minds.

Most of these political leaders have identified their camps and they are either supporting the proposed constitution, others are calling for its rejection while others have not yet made their minds. The Christian churches have vowed to mobilize their congregation to shoot down and they have made their stand known as a total “No” that’s rejecting the proposed constitution citing the chapters on abortion and Kadhis court as the main issue.

Right from the word go when we vowed to take the reform agenda as a country our main agenda in the constitution making was to produce a document which would be inclusive, accommodative of all the views with a well structured system of governance which unite and bind the country in the same front, but, that dream seemed like it has defied us. That challenge seemed insurmountable, as it is the nature of human beings to differ as now it is apparent that there are two opposing camps.

The political shenanigan that characterizes the Kenya’s politicics has infiltrated the process of the main political parties and leaders are trying to gain a political mileage and an upper hand politically. Not forgetting the Kibaki succession and 2012 general election battles which are on the cards.

And, if the Shenanigans that characterized the Saturday’s 15th “yes” campaign where the vice president was heckled are anything to go by then we do have a cause to worry. That heckling was a sign that was never learns from the past mistakes. In analyzing the regrettable scenario in what appeared like it was a well orchestrated plan it seems like there are behind the scenes manouvres meant to undermine some leaders.

It will be a big letdown if we do let politics take the centre stage and infiltrate this process. If the politics carries the day then we are doomed to fail and disintegrate the country. The marauding political sharks might be on the roll determined to employ the guerilla tactics.

Also there are other stumbling blocks on the way like the recent altered proposed document which propped to confuse Kenyans, but, it this altered document a case of mind games been orchestrated by an aggrieved party, a discontented voice whose issue wasn’t addressed which is meant to hoodwink the Kenyan people? How could such a document which is well guarded and of much importance be altered?

According to a political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, commenting in the Sunday Naion wrote that referendum could become a war of people and principals. And, if we say No, it will be a vote of No- Confidence in the two. This is not about the constitution, it is a political game.

On the altered document, he wrote that the man who inserted “things” in our proposed constitution was inspired. Because we refused to negotiate, we invited madness, and, madness happens when “…..the relationship between a nation and truth is disturbed”.

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