The time and the hour is 7 p.m in the evening, and you are tuned into metro F.M (online – a 24/7 reggae radio station. The programmer that’s on air is riddim base, which is hosted by the veteran and popular radio presenter, crucial Jeff and his co-host, Dj Stano. According to them, this interactive programme which is lively, humorous and bit witty, to the extreme features new releases riddims from all over the world, and that’s why it has a large following.

Of late after the duo start to talk in a session which they have pushed it a notch higher, the word of encouragement, advice and counseling dissiment from them as they from them, as they tell he youth to have a positive mentally on any engagement they commit themselves to .

The brand Kenya board, a corporate body which is mandated to market Kenya as a brand, are the main sponsors of that program. The board has been at the fore front of encouraging the youth to emerge from their cocoons, because they are the ones who will fulfill and accomplish the vision 2030, and, and therefore they must be vibrant and focused to attain that vision.

According to crucial Jeff and Dj Stano, the youths must and have to stay focused on cause of their lives, if they have to prosper.
And according to an old age proverb, says that the youth are he leaders of tomorrow. And true to this saying the youth are the future leaders in the transition change in the society.

In the most traditional African cultures, they banked heavily on the youths because they knew and believed that the future leaders. They were imparted and taught various cultural beliefs; leadership qualities guided and carried in their live so that can’t loose control. These qualities acted as a guiding principle that would have propelled them as good leaders of tomorrow.

And it was in this regard and total consideration the government initiated the youth development fund. This enterprise fund promotes the youths to be empowered economically. It’s a revolving fund which was stimulated to help the youths start small enterprises in the informal sector.

It seems as if the significant triumphant of United States of America President elect, Barack Obama, has aroused many young minds to take full charge of their lives if they wish to succeed. As one popular saying says that, the future belongs to those who belief in the beauty of their dreams, the youths must always rise on the occasion, realize that the future lays on their minds, hands whatever engagements they undertook, it must be a calculated move.

But, in these modern times, which are difficult and desperate, the youths are facing uphill and insurmountable problems, devious challenges, obstacles and many stumbling blocks. To overcome these challenges, it will take a youth who will be focused and with an optimistic mind. The positive perception of the mind is the winner’s language.

These times can’t be compared with times of yester years which had many opportunities. The modern youth’s lives in awkward situations due to high levels of unemployment, poverty, troubled society, crime infested neighbour hoods, coupled by low esteems due to the disparity of the times. The youths must be encouraged to always think outside the box and dare to tarmac on extra mile if they have to succeed. To prosper we must cancel this vocabulary that we must do things this way.

What’s needed now, to most youths is a kind of a rescue package encouragement that’s interims of financial, psychological, and physical so that they can get their acts together, bolster themselves and walk the talks to accomplish their dreams.

But, the greatest motivational encouragement we can give to the youths is in form of a simple analog of an ant. The ant is credited in the Holy bible due to its sheer hard work and vision.

The analog looks at the analytical layout of an ant’s day. And, imagine looking down at the path of an ant on the ground on the course of finding its food. From your perspective the course of the ant looks crazy. It seems zigzag, back and forth, even going backwards. The ant itself might be stumbled, the grain might be bigger than the ant, and yet it doesn’t lose it’s course and focus. Yet for the ant given its obstacles and terrain, the direction it’s taking makes a perfect sense.

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