……Isn’t it the politics of political patronage, a total reserve of the political elite and correct. Which turn out to be one of the major undoing in all our undertakings as a country? It has created a wedge length hindrance in this hypocritical coalition Government, that’s of late .It’s turning it’s back onto its own people, after locking themselves with corrupts scandals.
The art of political patronage gained grounds, and, have been perfected since we gained independence up to today. The political system has been demarground by the political elite. Our systems have been rewarding the political corrects rather than the merit. This art of patronage has courted a political leadership that has gradually assumed the role of the predator at the expenses of the poor Kenyans.
The politics of political patronage thrives in our systems of governance because we have allowed it to tilt towards a bipartisan of which the tribal and wheel dealing godfathers do dominate. These godfathers oil the system mechanisms with anything at their disposal, but, with a view of a handsome reward at the end of the day, and, that’s where the politics of the patronage rules the situation and dictates the pace.
Then, there’s the politics which takes the course of tribe factor, where a certain tribe proclaims that it supported a certain candidate hence it demands it’s share of spoils, and, failure to fulfill their demands, they threatens to withdraw their support .Like a case in point of what happened in the ODM side of the coalition, when a certain tribe held it’s leader at a ransom and undermined him after they proclaim that they were short changed
And sidelined.
Not a single successive government has dared to tarmac an extra mile to correct this erroneous, problematic, confusing, and authoritative systems of governance that keeps on haunting and holding us both economically and development wise.The task of appointing the relevant government officials in different position is a total reserve of the appointing authority, that’s the president .Each an every successive government wants to retain power so that it can manipulate it to their advantage.
The personalities’ who are appointed in these senior positions may have a know how or not, but they make it their priority to devour the national cake, as per on old school of thought that says, it’s our turn, time to eat. And that’s why any public appointment is awaited with anxiety, and, it’s rewarded according to one’s loyalty, the political impact it will rimple across the political divide, the political correctness.

But, why is it that the politics of patronage overshadows all our systems of governance, our undertakings, in which it turns out to be a major hindrance factor? Or, why is it that the political power factor is a predominant factor in the third World republic?

This system of patronage has infiltrated in our systems of governance for quite a long time, and we must vow to expunge it from our systems if we have to bag any gainful strides. And that’s why a new constitution is necessary, because, it will create institutions that will give the nation a shared vision and value to ensure better governance no matter who is in charge.

And, it’s in this regards that the last cabinet mini reshuffle didn’t raise any stakes in the public because most people expected some heads to roll on but, it wasn’t to be. It was more of a rewarding than any thing else. The former finance minister, Amos Kimunya, who was censured by Parliament was reinstated back in the cabinet, but, transferred in the trade docket, whereas deputy Prime minister, Uhuru Kenyatta, was promoted to the finance docket.

Also, in that reshuffle the O.D.M. side of the coalition filled their vacant positions which fell vacant following the departing of their colleagues.

Most people expected some heads to roll after an un-earthen of major officials. This is a vice that needs total elimination because corruption has impoverished the country as a few people exploit national resources at the expense of the poor Kenyans.

The thereat by the President to sack his errant cabinet ministers who will be embroiled in the scandals doesn’t offer any solution as this corrupt individuals are treated like heroes who do deserve support , ululations and dancing parties, in our tribal cocoons.

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