In the Kenyan political scenes ,the politics of betrayal are always the order of the day and on the cards at all times.Each an every politician ,leader has at one time ,or,another was betrayed ,has betrayed their fellow compatriots all in the name of the politics,a game of undermining each other.It’s a game of political betrayal where the politicians keeps their deadly cards under the table and plays them while close to their chest.


Many a times you will hear friends turned foes and vice versa in the political arenas and in the journey,due to political differences.Political fights are turned into politics of betrayal.


The desire for power is what makes the politics of betrayal come into play .This is where the politicians draws political strategies ,creates tribal alliances coupled by mischievious underhand political manouevres which are meant and turns out as undermining factors and betrayal.


The race for the top seat is such a vicious fight such that it goes to an extent that all manner of blackmail are employed as they comes into the play ,all aimed to curtail,block a certain leader from ascending to the Presidency.It’s a political game where all manner of tools are deployed and are on the cards at all times.


And,it’s in that coincidence that a controversial book was launched ,which has stirred the political scenes.The book written by the former Bahari member of Parliament.Joe Khamisi,explores the political dynamics of what transpired during the run up to the 2007 general election.The former legislator is following of what has become the latest norm where people of high status are releasing their memoirs ,where they are trying to tell their side of the story of what they witnessed in the corridors of power and what they encountered on the way.


According to the book,the former legislator reveals what he witnessed in the corridors of political power.He says that he witnessed first hand experience with politicians and leaders in their true colours.He also narrates how issues are influenced with corrupt deals.And,politics being a game of numbers where big manoeuvres strategies comes into the play ,he gives a detailed account of what he says the big plitical players played that game to the perfection.


He also gives a detailed account of how major players in politics betryed and undermined each other,sabotaged,how politics was influenced and how political wheel-dealing revolved around.

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