The Political Sycophancy;Mr.Lewis Nguyai, tone and slow down your empty rhetoric remarks ,and,give us a peace of mind,or,else you blink to Obvilion | political sycophancy,arrogance,empty rhetoric,

political sycophancy,arrogance,empty rhetoric,During the era of the former K.A.N.U regime,the top party echelons,and,loyalists,in their attempt to showcase their loyalty to the former President went extra miles to display their political sycophancy and arrogance.It was a norm for these top party echelons to declare their total ,unswerving support for the former president ,in the public,to catch the attention of their boss.The former President instilled and demanded total loyalty from his top foot soldiers,that included Ministers,their assistants and Members of Parliament.

Prominent personalities were known for their sycophantic utterances and arrogance ,and,a case in point remains that of the former powerful K.A.N.U,Secretary General,and ,former cabinet minister ,Joseph Kamotho,who once said that,K.A.N.U ,will rule forever.At those heydays ,he equated President Kibaki as a paper tiger ,who will not rule the country,when they crossed their political paths.

Other personalities who were in that league were powerful figures like Mulu Mutisya,Kariuki Chotara,Ole tip tip,Francis Lotodo,Kihika Kimani,among others .They defended the former President ,and,the party with outermost zeal ,and,their skins in the most sycophantic way they could undress their political opponents.They were the former President’s mouth pieces.

They scuttled their political opponents with remarks which watered down their intentions and left them with eggs on their faces.Their sharp tongues ,and,a mouth that broadcasted to the whole world played to their advantage.

And,if you were in the former Presidents inner circle ,and, a foot soldier ,the arrangement demanded that you must declare your swerving loyalty to the president,and,woe unto you ,if you didn’t toe to his line,and,play to his tune ,you were doomed to fail.That’s why the party echelons went flat out in their attempt to ruffle the former president’s eyes,and,attention.

The former president was known for his saboteur tactics ,and,to brush off such intentions these foot soldiers heaped praise on him.And,just like an inflated air balloon which bounces around full of life ,but,the moment it is deflated it is nothing ,the same case the former president applied to his foot soldiers .He would mould them,but,the moment they lost track they were no more,like the former Vice-president ,Josphate Karanja.

These party echelons were at all times on a mission to showcase their to the President by proclaiming all manner of statements in a total display of their loyalty.Their hawkish nature of politicking in their attempts to showcase their loyalty made them villains,and,a laughing stock in the society.And,woe unto you if you happened to cross their political path in discrediting the former president and K.A.N.U.Call it political sycophancy

In the recent week,the honourable Member of Kikuyu,Lewis Nguyai,treated us and displayed the same kind of sycophancy and arrogance.Mr.Nguyai,happens to be a close ally of Deputy Prime minister,Uhuru Kenyatta,and,so he is allied to his political course.He was quoted in the press as saying that the parties which are operating in Central Kenya should dissolve themselves and support the party the Deputy premier is seeking his presidential bid on.He went on to state that instead of supporting some candidates it is better to sponsor dogs to run on their party ticket.What a height of arrogance,and ,sycophancy on Mr.Nguyai’s part.

In my considered point of view ,such remarks by Mr. Nguyai,goes beyond the norm psyche which is regrettable and reckless ,which has no place in our modern society.And,Mr.Nguyai should be informed that we are living in a liberalized world where one does follow his own conscience and not what people are saying ,or,their ideologies.Most of the Kenyans are at liberty to align themselves to whatever political course they might deem fit on their part.

The days of political sycophancy and arrogance are long gone,where chest thumping characterized the scenes and our politics ceased to exist.Mr.Nguyai may view himself as a political hero who enjoys an ear of his boss,but,at the end of the day such remarks are detrimental to Mr.Kenyatta’s political course,and,would only discredit,dent his credentials and taint him.So they are remarks base on empty rhetoric which has no place in the society.

So,Mr.Nguyai,tone and slow down your rhetoric ,because that sycophancy doesn’t count.

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