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political,party,alliancesThe kind of politicking that’s going on in the Kenyan political waters right now isn’t appeasing at all.It can be described as desperate attempts by politicians to remain relevant in this turbulent ,murky political waters.Top politicians and political strategists are burning midnight oils in desperate attempts to churn out the best winning political strategy to unleash.They are working overtime ,turning foes into friends ,hiring the best political strategists and employing each an every political tactic that would be advantageous to the contenders which will entice the masses.

Tribal chieftains are also having a field day ,as they are acting as their tribe’s spokesmen,they are bargaining on behalf of their tribes.The search to crack the political breakthrough is turning out to be a rat race,where political manoeuvre are the orders of the day,trying to accommodate each an every one.

And,in trying to find the best equation which will best give the best solution in the political circles ,the top politicians are employing tactics that will give them an edge and a good start over their rivals.Also,they are trying to court each other in a bid to find the winning strategy.A lot of bargaining political talks are on the cards ,as different kingpins and tribal chiefs position themselves at strategic political positions to take the advantage of the political situation.

That’s why top politicians have already consolidated their own political ,tribal backyards in one block in readiness to use it as the bargaining card.The political mathematical problem that was imposed by the new constitution make it impossible for any political leader ,or,party to win on their own ,putting into consideration our tribal kind of politicking.They are being forced to retreat into the drawing board to seek for unity alliances with other political leaders and parties.

And,that’s why we are hearing of political alliances sprouting out each an every day.With the much talked alliance which is pitting Deputy Prime minister Uhuru Kenyatta,and ,Eldoret North ,Member of Parliament ,William Ruto.This alliance is drawing heat because the two have been indicted by the international criminal courts ,and,there is a possibility they might win,and,they can use their power trappings to frustrate the Hague based Court.

According to the new constitution,it has outlined one of the stringent rules which defines of what is required for a candidate to garner for the presidency.It states that ,for that political leader to proclaim victory in an election;he,or,she must have garnered a total of 50,plus 1 percent of the total votes that were casted.Also,he,or,she must win 24 out of 48 Counties.Failure to attain that threshold constitutes a run off.And,with that impediment ,politicians are making frantic effort to go extra miles in seeking a winning strategy.

Right now we are being bombarded with different kinds of political alliances which are being fronted by top key politicians in a bid to strike a winning political strategic formula.Building alliances with like minded parties is the new buzz phrase for politicians.Each day ,the news are filled with who met who to form a formidable team to win 2013 general election.

But,the type of politicking going on right now is not giving us any hope.We have leaders who are glued to their personal prospects ,shamelessly looking us as vote banks ,and are incapable of providing leadership without fanning ethnic solidarity and hatred.

Like people who witnessed holocaust ,the images of the suffering which our people underwent during the post election violence have stubbornly refused to disappear from our collective psyche .But,our leaders persist on playing the very same games ,which puts us in trouble in the first place.The leadership is riddled with feuds between factions .What do you say of an entity whose managers are forever plotting against one another?

Party alliances are only meant to serve the selfish interest of politicians .The politicians are taking Kenyans for a ride.What they are calling “like-minded”parties are groupings aiming to lock out rivals.They want to ensure their interests are well catered for come next year.No community has ever occupied State House.Only an individual ,his family and his cronies ever benefit from such underhand deals.

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