Last week, the president Mwai Kibaki, had summoned the party of National Unity and it’s affiliate parties for a formulation meeting so that they can toe in line with the political parties act.  They wanted to harmonize the party and comply with it.


The political parties act, will come into effect in the coming months where the parties will benefit with funding from the Government.  The parties that have the number in the parliament will be the major beneficiary and to those who complies with the act.


The President had proposed for the strengthening of one united party to form one formidable force to face off it’s competitors and also to benefit from that funding.  He also wanted to liase with his lieutenants over disagreements, which had emerged within the party ranks over succession politics.


But, after that meeting it seemed like the President may have kicked a can of worms.  Different affiliate parties came out strongly to declare that they will go it alone and strengthen individual parties instead of the party of National unity.


The discord and disagreements, which are been witnessed in P.N.U, are clear illustrations of how our party politics are founded and run on cheap and flimsy foundations.


If you closely monitor party politics in Kenya and how we run our political parties, how they are formed, you only have to pity the political system that holds these parties.

To prosper democratically and eliminate the vice that hampers the growth and strengthening of political parties, we need to borrow a leaf from the strong democracies in the world, that’s U.S.A Britain and many others.


Take a clear look at the U.S.A democracy, which is abit spacious, they do have two strong political parties, that’s Democrat and republican.  These political parties were built on strong foundation and pillars to sustain them and they do have histories.  These parties were formed many years ago and members are drawn, cuts across the board.


But, why are our political parties founded on flimsy ground, which doesn’t stand tough times, which makes them withers within a certain time frame?


I, think, the greatest blunder was committed, when we repealed section 20 of the constitution in the early 90s, which pared way for the multi-party democracy.  Thereafter we didn’t enhance the control measures to guide this new democratic dispensation, and as a result this led to a spill over of parties all over the country.


The flooding of political parties was witnessed in the country with some being tribal outfits.  Over 300 political parties have been registered in Kenya.


Our political parities are formed on flimsy background, or, when a situation beckons, or along the tribal outfits that prophesize that they are champing the right of their communities. And, contrary to this perception these factors seem to be a total failure, which doesn’t hold this party.  Each an every tribe and region do have parties that they normally identifies with.


Take a closer look at our leading political parties of how they were formed.  Most of them don’t have the foundation, pillars and history to rely on, for they were formed out of a situation that arised which dictated the formation, or someone was seeking to create a political mileage.


Take for instance the O.D.M party, it was formed after they campaigned successfully for the rejection of the proposed new constitution in 2005.  After winning that vote, they transformed their movement into a political party.  The original D.P.M party faced its share of problems, and , it had to split after it was rocked by disagreement and back stabbings.


The P.N.U party was formed as a modified vehicle for president Kibaki to seek re-election for a second term, and also to accommodate some affiliate parties that were supporting him.

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