As President Kibaki serves his last term in office, coupled by the unprecedented successive polities, a lot of grumbling are boiling up in the party of National Unity.  Each an every candidate is positioning himself, as he/she tries to inherit the baton from the president.


The latest entrant in the race for 2012 is the justice and constitution affairs minister, Martha Karua, the chairperson of Narc –k.  Her entrance has caused some furore in certain quarters, but she has vowed that she will still soldier on.


Once considered as one of the President’s insider, defender, hardliner for her superb role in defending the presidents legitimacy re-election and during the crisis negotiation.  This time round she has defied the president’s call for the integration of the parties to form one formidable force that can sustain a challenge.


She has argued that instead, she will strengthen her party with a strong focus of 2012 general election.  Her further argument for not supporting the idea of strengthening P.N.U is that they are rolling up for the anointment of the president’s successor.

Also, joining the minister to reject the call of strengthening P.N.U are the other affiliate parties, DP, F.O.R.D – K, SAFINA.


What we are witnessing now is a struggle for power within the party of National unity and someone who wants to inherit the president’s baton.

But, until when shall we, as the country, be held at ransom by this shenanigan kind of politics?


According to the Kenyan mode of politics it has being a norm that politics takes the center stage as other thing takes the backstage.  These shenanigans are truly obstructing the delivery of services to the Kenyan.  It’s also putting the country into an elective mood and bogging down people’s minds, which haven’t yet recovered from earlier crisis we had slipped in.


It’s also stagnating the growth of the economy.


As elected members of parliament of their constituencies, these P.N.U members must stop the unproductive politics and start offering services to Kenyans and their constituents.


President Kibaki appointed them as Ministers to serve Kenya and not position themselves for 2012.  They should also remember that ultimately, it’s the voters who decide.  Some are now eyeing top positions and shouting loudest about tomorrow, not knowing whether they will be axed.


They should show the cohesiveness in the Government as they give the president ample time to raise strategies on helping Kenyans, the way, the O.D.M has done to the P.M.

Claiming that they don’t want to be swallowed by P.N.U, or go it alone, as a party in 2012 should be forgotten.  Their noise resembles that of a hornbill and no Kenyan is ready to listen to them.  Never plan for tomorrow, for it’s not ours thus let us leave it to our Almighty God.

 It’s about four and a half years before Kenyans can start thinking politics, so please give us some break and space.

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