The first agenda item the president and the prime minister resolved and called for, after the swearing in, the grand coalition cabinet, was the resettlement of the internally displayed people.

Since then, that plan has turned to be a cropper. The game of musical chairs and blame rows has taken over. The resettlement plan has turned to be the bargaining chip for the different tribal factions, who are venting their anger over what they are referring as a raw deal during the appointment of the cabinet.

To set the agenda in motion and rolling, the president and the prime minister held a consultative meeting with the Rift valley M.p.s. These meeting was expected to draw a clear roadmap on the way forward over this matter as Rift valley was the bedrock of the post election violences. But as per the expectation the meeting didn’t live up to it’s expectation as most M.p.s seemed to play different ball games altogether. The meeting resolved to hold peace and reconciatory rallies, which most gave a miss.

The details of what emerged from that meeting indicated that the legistrators were divided over the plan. While others backed the plan, the other group opposed totally and went ahead to set some conditionalities to be met and fulfilled before the resettlement begins.

The legislators, mostly from those hard bit areas who voiced their concern seemed lie to avenge, over the cabinet appointments, which they said they were given a raw deal.

But, is it in order and realistic to gamble and bargain for power with the life’s of people who are internally displayed?

The plight of the I.D.Ps shouldn’t be gambled with, bearing in mind of what they are enduring during this cold weather, which is very rainy, despite the fact that most of them owned and lived a decent kind of life. But due to some silly circumstances they were forced to live in indecent camps, and then you hear somebody somewhere proposing that they hold abit before they agree on some conditions.

It’s in that spirit that we must support the Government that has stressed that the resettlement must be rolled out immediately. Just as the president lamented that the plight of the I.D.Ps is non- negotiable as they must be settled in their farms.

The Archbishop of Nairobi, Cardinal John Njue, summarized all when he criticized the leaders who are putting conditions before the families can be resettled.

He said that the church wants politician would break away from the kind of power struggle that we have witnessed and focus more on restoring the dignity of the people living in the camps” he said.

He concluded by saying that we cannot have all this grumbling and wrangles when there is more urgent issue of resettling I.D.Ps that needs to be addressed.

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