According to one pro-democracy activist ,while commenting on the Tunisian revolution wrote that ,he hails the people of Tunisia for their determined struggle .Their revolution sent their dictatorial former president ,Zine El Abidine and his family packing to exile.

The writings are on the wall that this may be the end of all authoritarian regimes in Africa and the Arab world .These regimes are on high alert because there is belief many more regimes may fall in the next few months.And,the funny part of it all is that the internet ,cellphones,social sites and all kind of media devices are being used to mobilize people to remove bad leaders.

According to political pundits and observers,they think that this is just the beginning of a new wave of revolutions that will sweep across the world targeting authoritarian governments.

The Tunisian protests and uprisings started in early January after a ,26yrs, old graduate ,street vendor set himself on fire in a protest against police harassment .And,what followed thereafter were mass street protests which yielded on January 14th,when Ben Ali ,stepped  down and fled to Saudia Arabia with his family ,amid huge protests.

President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali ,was a dictator and that’s why his discredited regime fell out favour with the Tunisian people.He watched as food prices soared up.He created an oligarchy that sucked the energy ,sweat and blood of people.He didn’t care about the rising numbers of the unemployment.He ignored cries from the people for democratic space.

And,what followed after the collapse of his regime was mass arrest of his relatives which underscored how Ben Ali’s influence has faded and melted away since he dramatically fled to exile.An investigation which was launched against his family for plundering the nation’s resources after a footage showed and paraded a treasure trove of  jewelery ,luxury watches in raids in their homes.His assets in the European countries has being fleeced.

In, EGYPT ,Hosni Mubarak’s 30yrs rule is facing it’s greatest challenge with a succession of rallies,mass protests and demonstrations all aiming and calling for his ouster ,or,resignation in one of the most rallied call for him .He is facing the times of his rule since he took over power.

Mubarak had been in power for too long.He had become complacent.He did not maintain a contract with the people.He is clearly under siege.In Egypt ,people hate the brutality of the police and corruption in the regime.They hate the fact that Mubarak has been preparing his son to take over from him when he retires .

Not even the might of his powerful and strategic military power will save him after the military said that they will not use excessive force to quell protests which is turning increasingly  bloody.

But , as a matter of fact are we witnessing the demise of dictatorial regimes in Africa and the Arab worlds,or, is it a wind of change that is sweeping through?And,will these revolutions which are being characterized by uprisings and mass protests bring the desired changes ,or ,will the Islamists take over?

It seems as if a wind of change is sweeping across the Arab world .In Algeria,Jordan and Yemen ,have also been affected by the unprecedented revolts in what is replicating and characterizing in the Arab world.

In NICCOLLO MACHIAVELLI’S views and words everything has it’s ripe moments of change.A situation where a system overhauls itself to give  anew sigh of relief.And ,it seems as if the ripe moments has dawned in the Arab worlds if these revolts are anything to go by.There comes a time when abdicates to what they are being subjected to because there is a limit to what callous people can be subjected to.

Although popular people’s power uprisings aren’t new in the world of politics,it is the manner in which people have treated the two Governments that has excited the lovers of democracy in Africa.The role of technology and the visible exuberance of the mainly youthful crowds.These are crowds informed by the idea of globalization.They are techno-savvy generation that consumes facebook and short text messages.

The stimulating fact is that the crowds in Tunis and Cairo are authentic forces of democracy and have nothing to do with religious zeal ,or,fanaticism.What is even more interesting is that these crowds do not have any ideology apart from the fact that they want change in the way they  are governed.They want transparent and accountable Governments and technology has just happened to be a vehicle they  have used achieve this intention.

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