It seems as if they have gained the necessary courage to emerge from their closet. And, just like the night operator who operates from behind the scenes while covering his tracks. This group has been in the wood for quite along that is the homosexual community. The gays and lesbians have tried to gain recognition and acceptance within the Africa cultural set up to no avail. Nowadays they are terming themselves as sexual minorities group.

In most Africa societal set up the term homosexual, gay-ness and lesbianism are totally alien words which has no place and out of the place in the society. It’s association or practices are termed as evil, devilish and inhuman something that only exists in the devil’s workshop. Been gay, lesbian or any association with homosexual activities, outright you are regarded as an outcast, one who lacks basic morals, totally out of mind and it is an abomination in the society and before GOD.

Most of the African societies are conservative types backed by a near fundamentally religious inspiration, hence such a practice is something which is foreign and bad in taste which doesn’t augur well to them. When the U.S.A Anglican Episcopal branch consecrated a gay bishop in a move which was widely condemned, most of the African Anglican Churches detached themselves from this Episcopal branch. This showcases how far the African can go in detaching themselves from these activities. They are homophobic

But, nowadays these sexual minority groups have come out of the closet and in the open to declare their sexual orientation. And, for the second time this Kenya’s gay community has come out in the open to celebration of their uniqueness. The first time they appeared was some Years back during the world social economic forum conference

This time round they converged at Nairobi’s National Museum of Kenya. On Monday 17th May to mark International Day against Homophobic and Tran phobia. It is a day which was organized and coordinated by Kenya national commission on human rights to sensitize the public about the minorities’ groups rights .the gays and lesbians came out in numbers to declare their sexual orientations as they danced, sung, wined and dined been proud of their orientations

But why does homosexuality exist in our midst knowingly naturally and biologically same sex doesn’t compliment? Or, is it a case of been trapped in the wrong bodies? And, why is it that they continue to be the cursed and condemned lot in the society? Will the society ever forgive them, understand, accommodate and tolerate them with their sexual orientations.

These gay-ness debates goes beyond our stroke of mind, it is unexplainable because in the GOOD bible when God was making his creation, he created a man and a woman and he intended them to live that way and not vice versa.

St Paul has also written the on the issue, in his letters to Romans, Rom 1:18-27 and Corinthians 1 cor 6:9-10 he summarizes that homosexuality and lesbianism practices are sinful and their behaviour has no place among Christians.

These are ironical questions which go beyond our psyche and needs careful interpretations from social researchers and not from the layman’s point of view. It is an intricate debate.

The general public has not been receptive of the homosexuals and most of the gays and lesbians live a life of self denial in closets. They are viewed in bad light and cases of gay people facing the full wrath of the general public continue to be heard.

A couple of months ago in Mtwapa, near Mombasa, the public had raided a hotel and flushed out two men after reports went round that they planned to wed, only the police came to their rescue. Recently in Blantyre, Malawi, in what grabbed major headlines which was widely condemned by the International Community, a magistrate had sentenced a gay couple to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour after it found them guilty of two counts. It took the intervention of the president Bingu Wa Mutharika, a gay critic who terms their practice as evil and foreign, who pardoned them after an outcry.

In Uganda, the parliament almost instilled a legislation to make the practice a capital offence with a death penalty. But the fiercest gay critic happens to the Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, who refers them as “worse than dogs and pigs”.

Thus the African Culture virtually detests homosexuality as a vice and anyone trying to root for it’s legislation and legislation in statute books and acceptance in society is likely to be resisted. Homosexuals are trying to “corrupt” the ordained order.

In a sharp constraint these gay community have also raised their voices, concerns and put their case forward to dispel any misgiving or notion the society may have nothem.according to a gay activist, an administrator at gay and lesbian coalition of Kenyan (GALCK), she says that people have to understand that gay people are normal like anybody else.pepople think its un-African or sickness. Spaces are however opening up to accommodate the gay community which was not possible 2 years ago.

A religious relationship assistant at (galc) concurs with him as he says that experts puts the proportion of gays at 6 percent oft the world population and a similar ratio applies in Kenya. We were born this way. We were created this way. We want to come comfortable when we come to church. He further says that the church should stop preaching discrimination against gay people. Just as am proud to be African, am proud to be gay. There is nothing wrong with what we are doing

Another Galc official terms both religious homophobia and transphobia as “senseless violence” and called for a more tolerant society.

Reverend Kimindu, the co-coordinator of the Kenyan Branch of the other sheep, East Africa, a world wide Christian government organization for gays and lesbians, sums up and puts another spin to the whole debate. “The other sheep” serves as the local branch of the American Funded Metropolitan Christian Community for gays and Lesbians.

He says that they include everybody because sexual orientation is not a choice, it is innate and there is nothing one can do about it. The Mainstream churches are opposed to gay life saying it is evil, but gays are the “Other Sheep”. Jesus was out to rescue. All these people were created by God and since HE is the lord of love, who are we to keep his people out of Church?

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