The trends and happenings that transpires in our  country are just amazing.It seems as if ,as a nation the non-issues always takes the centre-stage,while the core more oriented issues takes the backstage,the backseat.The issues that relates ,or,are beneficial to the subjects of this nation are sometimes taken for granted ,or,either they are not given the necessary attention it deserves.

At the moment the debate about the Ocampo six and the matters of the International Criminal Courts have taken the centre stage at the behest of other pressing issues.From bar to salon talks ,to normal discussions the talk of the i.c.c have turned out to be the catalyst of the discussions.

The Ocampo six have become the common factor,the celebrated heroes.Even the Government itself have prioritised the agenda of saving the 6 suspects from the i.c.c gullotine.Political mileages are set to be set if the plitical prayer ralliesthat we witnessed are anything to go by.

Politicians and tribal chiefs have picked a bone out of the i.c.c debate turned it out as a tool of settling the political scores .It has turned out to be unifying factor for the foes turned friends as they try to fight the common enemy.

And ,following the subsequent initial appearance by the suspects at The Hague based courts to honour the summonses they were issued with ,the debate has taken a homestretch.If the homecoming welcome is anything to go by ,then we have to brace ourselves for the political battles.The two of the suspects who are being treated like princes received a hero’s welcome from their ardent supportersshowcasing their influence in the world of politics.

These whle shenanigan debate has dominated our discussions ,psyches and it is on the cards right now as everything else takes a backseat.It is heading the headline news in media outlets.At the base of it all we can conclude that we don’t get our priorities right as politics continue to take heavy toil on us.We are totally being awashed by the non-essential issues.The more real oriented issues are forgotten and pushed back to the periphery.

Contrary to the true realities on the ground ,take for instance the current situation that is facing our country and the general state in which people are in .The hard economic times have started looming as inflation bites.The inflation rates have skyrocketed,pushing the economic projectionsin all fronts in an upward scale.

Consumers have to dig deeper in their pockets as most basic commodities have skyrocketed to almost double digit figures.And,it is a pity considering the fact that majority of kenyan lives under a dollar in a day which sharply contradicts the it has increased.

According to financial analysts,inflation is one of the greatest eroding factors of one’s future financial plans and  should be addressed early.Arise in inflation can destroy any financial plan if not addressed early in the planning process.

The inflation rate according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics’ data shows that inflation -the general rise in the prices of goods and services-shot from 6.54 percent in February to 9.15 percent in March,almost double Central Bank of Kenya’s targetof 5 percent .In their recent survey it has shown that inflation has accelerated for the fifth sraight month in March ,bringing pressure on the central bank to raise interest rates further.

And,a further increase in inflation ,according to analysts,will force the central bank to review it’s benchmark rate upward,which willhave a direct impact on biusiness access credit. The shilling has depreciated by as much as 6.3 percent against the U.S dollar on higher demand from oil importers as global crude oil prices surges.

Putting into consideration the rising fuel prices and expected increase in the cost of electricity ,life is set to become even more trying for kenyans ,which is why there is a need for more creative ways to survive the difficult times.And,as expected the rise of these essentials leads to an increase in the cost of production and subsequent rise in unfavourable inflation which is passed on to the consumers.

Food prices are also expected to be on an upward trend for the next couple of months because of the gap between the onset of rains and harvest times.

Times are harder and tryingto make the ends meet in day to day life is pushing people beyond their limits which is indirectly proportional to what they earns.And, any increase in food prices at the moment might be insignificant ,especially for the poor who spend a third of their income on food and could be painful coming at a time when the rising oil prices have increased the cost of living since the turn of the year.

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