The Ngong Forest’s, police Helicopter fatal crash:The untimely death of The Internal Security Minister,Professor ,George Saitoti,and,his Assistance ,Orwa Ojodeh,and four Police officers;Was it a normal accident,or,was it a conspiracy behind the fatal crash? | Prof Saitoti,orwa ojodeh,helicopter crash,accident,conspiracy,ngong forest,fatal

Prof Saitoti,orwa ojodeh,helicopter crash,accident,conspiracy,ngong forest,fatalThe Ngong forest,Kibiku area police helicopter crash;the untimely death of ,Professor George Saitoti,and,his assistance Orwa Ojodeh and 4 police officers,was it an accident ,or,was it a conspiracy behind the fatal crash?

This is the question which is on many Kenyans lips.From bar talks to salon talks ,the subject of discussions is focusing on one thing ,the untimely devastating demise of Internal security minister ,George Saitoti,his assistance and 4 police officers in that fatal crash.

As Kenyans comes to terms with the deaths after their heroic send offs ,most are left with the question ,why at this time?

Most are trying to crystallize the devastating deaths which left many in ewe.And,it seems as if the jury might be out in the public opinions courts ,if the talks that are going underground are anything to go by.Kenyans didn’t believe that the two ministers were no more,as they did their jobs with much zeal and dedication.That fatal helicopter crash is no doubt a source of pain and agony for many Kenyans.

The Ngong forest helicopter crash ,which caused the untimely deaths of Prof Saitoti,and,Orwa Ojodeh,rekindles the million dollar questions which lingers in our country over and over again,how to avert disasters?

Also,failure by successive governments to resolve numerous mysterious deaths always creates an air of suspicion.Over the years there has occurred a string of unresolved deaths which occurred under a cloud of mysterious circumstances which raised a lot of suspicion ,for they haven’t been resolved ,despite governments assurance that no stone would be left unturned ,and,what transpired thereafter were cover ups.

The day was on a Sunday,June 10th,at around in the morning ,that we as a nation received the devastating news which brooked our hearts to the core.The sad news had it that a police helicopter had crashed in Ngong forest,in Kibiku area,while ferrying top government officials,who turned out to be Prof Saitoti and Orwa Ojodeh.And,from that stroke of a moment ,the country was engulfed in grief ,shock,as sombre mood crept across the country as Kenyans tried to cope with the devastating news.

There was no other time that the country was thrown in grief like June 10th.That fateful day will eke in most people’s memories.As a nation we were left asking questions begging for answers.

Is our Kenyan airspace turning out to be a death trap?Are our aircrafts well maintained to withstand the journey?Are our pilots equal to the task before them?And,are the aviation regulation authorities doing a thorough job?

As ordinary Kenyans continue to be crashed and maimed in our roads ,due to the rising cases of road accidents ,it is now apparent that the, Very Important Person,who mostly uses air transport as their means ,especially the helicopters ,is turning out to be their death traps.And,how safe this mode of transport is,only raises queries,putting into consideration the number of helicopters which has crashed over the years killing prominent personalities ,while others have kissed death by a whisker ,after surviving a crash.

And,in a matter of coincidence of tragedies ,it was on the same date ,4 years ago ,that w lost a cabinet minister and a Member of Parliament in yet another fatal helicopter crash,which claimed their lifes.In the year 2006,we had lost an assistance minister ,several members of Parliament and a high government delegation ,in yet another fatal military helicopter crash.And,in between there were other string of accidents where many had escaped death by a whisker ,even the late Ojodeh had survived in another helicopter crash.

But,as we mourn our departed compatriots ,let us engrave their great deeds in our hearts and emulate the good works they did for Kenyans.One feature that distinguished Prof Saitoti and Mr Ojodeh from other politicians is that they were workaholics ,a trait that we need to emulate.

Let their untimely deaths be the game changer .May it sink into our politicians’ that when the grim reaper comes calling ,it’s decision minds neither class,nor,power and cares not how it picks you.Let leaders see how Kenyans love them,even a good number inflict injustices on them for selfish gains.

May the politicians wake up to the fact that what they do for the people is all they will be remembered for .

According to Mr Dolan,while writing in the Daily Nation,on the deaths of Prof Saitoti and Mr Ojodeh ,wrote that their deaths have shocked the nation.Shock was soon replaced by grief ,which in turn gave way to anger.It is a national shame when so many leaders are taken to an angry grave through accidents that could have being avoided through proper maintenance ,care and respect for life.

He further noted that ,in our complex and divided society ,we firstly attribute such tragedies to our political opponents ,and,later succumb to suggestions that they were acts of GOD ,or,just bad luck.All the same we avoid responsibility and held no individual ,or,institution criminally responsible for negligence ,or,recklessness .Let us be honest and admit that despite all the progress in the last 50 years ,we have not provided any reasonable degree of safety to Kenyans.

In conclusion ,may the soul of the departed rest in peace and their good deeds remain with us ,And,it is our desire that an in-depth investigation will be carried out to establish the truth behind the crash.

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