Oooh………..a new year has dawned. It’s dawning has brought forth new challenges, and a person with conscious mind, that’s the one who is in touch with reality of life, attach new resolutions that he needs and intends to accomplish in that year. A new year or a new day, according to most African cultures beams a ray of hope to most people.

After surviving a very turbulent year, most people are foreseeing a bright new year ahead. The New Year resolutions have been penned down according to the order of priority. Whether the resolutions will be fulfilled or not will depend on how the year unfolds itself and how one strategizes.

But whether the New Year brings any hope or not in these desperate times we must vow to tarmac on extra mile if we have to succeed. And, as one popular saying says, that, dawn doesn’t come twice to awaken a man, we must arise on the occasion and reignite our energies and minds to divert them into resourceful engagements.

In these desperate times, we are totally submerged in a serious predicament which compels us to think outside the box, because there are real challenging issues, which are waiting to confront us head on. It seems as if our problems are directly proportional to our frustrations, of which it keeps on enlarging with each on every passing day.

We must get our acts together, organize ourselves and move out of he cocoons that barricades us as a country or individuals. We must employ the idea of collective responsibility where everybody plays his part if we have to succeed.

As Abraham Moscow once said that, a poet must write if he is ultimately to be at peace with himself; I intend to continue churning out this articles in this blog to maintain a creative mind, just like Mr. Obama’s speechwriter, Mr Farreaul, who writes to avoid becoming stale. I also intend to put my acts together so that I can launch my writings a notch higher this time round.

The dawning of a new year brings new hope and high expectations even if you are in a serious fix. The country’s economy is in ripples, the cost of living has sky rocketed and indeed time are real hard and despite all these challenges. Most people are still optimistic of a bright future. We only need to play and do our parts and then the rest we commit them to the ALMIGHTY GOD to shower his blessings to us.

Recently a survey was conducted concerning the expectations of the new year and top most people who responded they said that a new constitution, reduced commodity prices, better security, sanity on the roads and greater responsibility by political leaders are some of the things they are wishing for in the new year. The other is greater commitment to the war against corruption.

However, many fear that lack of political goodwill and inefficiency of the bloated coalition Government may be the greatest hindrance to the realization of these wishes.

However, to most people they are beginning the new year with new hope, new dreams and beliefs. We ought to forgive all wrongs we did to each other, they said.

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