To most political analyst’s commentators, pundits, observers and Kenyans in general the overwhelming win vote for the new constitution was a big mileage stride in Kenya which opens up another new chapter and a new dawn which will turn a new leaf. As a state, republic we must brace ourselves for the new Kenya which will be necessitated by the new Constitution legislations changes as it’s been stipulated which will enhance good governance, adequate representation and the devolved governments.

It has been described as a new journey to the Promised Land, the new Kenyan Canaan, according to analysts, if the new constitution is implemented fully it will unlock the blockages which has been hampering us and ensure accountability in our systems of governance and enhance good service delivery.

If we had failed to pass this constitution this time round it would have been closed chapter, it would have been written off in our deeds and memories for good. We would have lived to reel it in the future.

That vote was conclusively concludes a process which has taken us round the circles where we have haggled for almost two decades where any initiative to start the process had always hit the dead end. It is a battle which has been hampering us and ensures accountability in our systems of governance and enhances good service delivery.

If we had failed to pass this constitution this time round it would have been a closed chapter, it would have been written off in our deed and memories for good. We would have lived to reel it in the future.

The former K.A.N.U regime had blocked any changes as it turned dictatorial totalitarian where it cracked down the constitution crusaders of whom it termed as dissenters.

But with all that in mind Kenyans put them behind them and they handed the proposed constitution a resounding victory which showcased how Kenyans had yearned for that constitution. They have given it the benefit of doubt, and, according to President Kibaki after the triumph, he said that the historic journey that we began 20years ago is now coming to a happy end. I assure our brothers and sisters who voted against the proposed constitution that their voices have been heard. Let us all join hands together as we begin the process of National renewal under the new constitution

The passage of this new constitution can be equated with an analogue of an aeroplane which has already taken off, which is raring to go and it has started to soar as it gains the required heights. And, prior to take off the aeroplane had stalled in the runway and it had to withstand due to mechanical problems, tyre bursts and the pilots could not agree on the appropriate time for the take off.

And just like a ship which has reached its destination despite passing through many passages in the ocean which were infested by pirates, the waters are rough due to waves and storms which were sometimes intimidating and challenging and now it can breathe a sigh of relief after it completed it’s journey.

This is what we can describe the already concluded constitution referendum after a win vote. Kenyans had yearned for it many years ago. But the process was always engulfed with darkness and blackmails. It was like we were trying to reach the stars. A lot of stumbling blocks had stood on our way to the last end of this realization.

The entrenchment and enactment of a new constitution dispensation order was one of the main issue contained in Agenda 4 of the National accord which was mediated by Koffi Annan after the 2007/8 post election violence’s. The Agenda 4 had spelt out the much needed reforms to streamline the country’s systems of governance and transform them to the necessary bar of reformation and instill accountability and efficiency. The country was considered to be in dire need of total reformation to curb such heinous, chaotic occurrences. The moments were ripe for a new constitutional order.

The voices of different leaders while commenting on the win vote said it all according to lawmaker, Mohammed Abdikadir, he said that the vote for was an idea whose time has come. To use another over-used phrase the yes was on the right side of history. The issues identified as contentious by the committee of experts and which by and large had derailed the 2005 process was resolved there. To Martha Karua, Member of Parliament for Gichugu, it was a great day, a defining moment in which the minority had their say but now the majority had their way. I urge Kenyans regardless of the way they voted to embrace the new constitution which will open up democratic space and define the relationship with voters.

According to higher education minister, William Ruto, the De-facto leader of the “no team” while conceding defeat said that Kenyan have spoken and we respect the decision. All Kenyans are winners. We want to be part of the process of moving Kenya into the future. The majority had their way, we had our say.

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