The New Traffic Laws;The Matatu operators must be prepared to obey the new traffic laws.And,to the Authorities don’t bulge on this issue.

According to the National Death statistics,road carnage is one of the major contributing factor in terms of deaths that happens in the country.That is more deaths do occur on our roads compared to other things.Our roads long became the death traps where Kenyans do perish with each an every passing minute.

So many lifes have been lost through these tragic road accidents which are mostly blamed to careless driving,drunk driving and ignorance on the roads.It is estimated that over 3,000 people die on the roads every year ,with most road accidents happening in the festive seasons.

Over the years ,there has been a public outcry over these accidents ,of which most of them could have been avoided in the first place.Human error has been pinpointed as the contributing factor of these road accidents where the drivers don’t adhere to the laid down rules and regulations.Most commuters who uses these commercial public transport vehicles aren’t assured of their safety on the roads ,or, whether they will reach their destination safely.

The Kenyan society and family members have lost their loved ones,breadwinners and great contributors to the society due to these road carnage which are occasioned by careless driving mostly blamed on Matatu drivers.

And,that’s why a Bill was introduced in Parliament to help regulate and bring sanity on our roads ,and,curb these rising cases of road carnage.After the new traffic sailed through the House ,the President accented it to become a law.That new traffic laws has outlined stringent measures which will help streamline the transport industry and stamp out rogue drivers off the roads.

With the introduction and adoption of the new traffic laws ,the public transport vehicles went on strike to protest the new traffic laws which they claimed are too punitive,draconian,stringent and unfairly targeting them.

But,this is ridiculous.The matatu operators must be prepared to obey the new traffic laws .These set of laws were passed in Parliament as a result of public outrage over road carnage.The situation will not change on it’s own.And,the laws cannot be amended,or,repealed to make it easier for people to commit offences.

In a sense ,the problems buffeting the commuters may not be of their own making ,but,they too are culpable for allowing the unreconstructed bullies on the roads to get away with crime .We ask the authorities not to bulge on this issue.Indeed ,we ask them to make the matatu operators understand that they have no choice but to comply with the law.

Matatu operators have been a law unto themselves .From running unroad worthy vehicles at bottle neck speed ,overlapping ,bullying passengers and fellow motorists the operators long ceased to be accountable to anyone.Everyone in Kenya has to obey the law,otherwise we will all plunge into the depths of anarchy from where we may be unable to extricate ourselves.

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