On Monday, 14th April, the day dawned abit awkward and gruesome.

The mungiki sect members had organized and orehe strated major mayhem, destruction as they invaded most major towns across the country.

The sect members were outpouring and venting their anger to revenge the murder, of the wife of their spiritual leader, Maina Njenga.

For quite a long time, the Kenyan people have been affected, their have been nursing gruesome wounds inflicted by the Mungiki sect and it’s high time the sect members do respect the sanctity of life. The group, must cease these senseless killing of innocent Kenyans in the name of protesting over what they call Government infringement on their freedom.

But, who are this Mungiki’s ? what’s their underlying issues, which they keep on fighting so hard?

Mungiki, is a rag-tag outfit group that draws it’s membership from the lower class youth, which has been in existence for almost two decades.

Majority of these gangs are generally poor youth who are in most cases school dropouts and jobless.

The group started as a traditional religious group, which wanted to adhere to the traditional ways of worship and cultures. Overtime the group has evolved and expanded it’s tentacles as the group has endulged itself with organized crimes.

Overall, the Mungiki organization has acted as another government with their laws and structures of governance, which has resulted, to recruitment of youths, extortions, levying illegal taxes to the people.

With, that Monday’s outburst of violence, the Kenyans are abit worried at the trend of the country’s security situations, of which we had assumed, following the return of the outlawed Mungiki sect. The fact that the sect had orchestrated violence with impunity on Monday and Tuesday with the intelligence and police caught unaware should make Kenyans worried about their security.

The Kenyan security situation is at it’s low end, as was confirmed by the internal security Ps cyrus Gituai, having apparently confessed that the police were outsmarted by the resurgent Mungiki gangs, and the Kenyans should brace themselves for the worst.

The sect members closed major highways, robbed and threatened people, burnt vehicles and destroyed the railway network as they held the country at ransom, as everything came to a standstill. Already, many business and employment apportunities have been lost and the country is making huge losses following their activities.

This amounts to economic sabotage and attest that Mungiki is a well run organization.

Our security system is rather wanting following that planning, organising and execution of nationwide mayhem by the Mungiki sect.

The Mungiki menace is a desperate problem that calls for a desperate counter- measure. The emergence of organized hoodlums, who wreak havoc and deny Kenyan peace, shouldn’t be condoned.

It’s high time the Government rises up to the occasion and take the bull by it’s horn and address these once issue and for all to spare any blood letting.

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