The moment,The Deputy Chief Justice,Lady Justice,Nancy Baraza,failed the credibility test,in an unfortunate scuffle incident

The big talk issue that’s making rounds,which has preoccupied our psyches,media outlets,and the subject of discussions revolves around the character of the deputy chief Justice,Lady Justice ,Nancy Baraza.The deputy chief justice,who happens to be the Vice-president of The Supreme Court,is a person in a fix at the moment.She is in a tight corner trying wade off accusations,and,the jury is out in the public opinion courts.Her character was questioned following a scuffle incident where she lost cool and tempers flared.

And,the action incident happened at the Village market shopping mall,where the deputy chief justice had paid a visit for a shopping session.Due to the terrorist security threat which has exposed our country,precautionary measures are being put in place to wade off any emerging threat that might be plotted.Many establishments have upped their security screening measures,and,this shopping mall wasn’t an exception.

After Deputy Chief Justice,entered the shopping mall,she chose to ignore the screening procedure upon which a security guard challenged him to be screened.But,to her surprise the Lady Justice,chose to fight back by intimidating the security guard with a gun.According to Ms,Kerubo,the security guard in question,she said that she had to run after the Deputy Chief Justice to ensure she goes through the security check up after customers queuing up complained that she had skipped frisking.To the guard ,the Deputy Chief Justice,instead of agreeing to the request turned back and pinched her.She pinched her,saying you should know big people.

And,with that incident,pressure has mounted and it’s being exerted for him to step aside due to what is being described to as gross misconduct,failure to compose herself and not following the laid down procedures and violating her office’s trappings to intimidate others.As a senior personality in the country who holds such a prestigious office ,the second in command in the Judiciary,the one arm of the Government,it is regrettable that such an incident should be committed by her,which goes to the extreme of compromising other citizens.

Been the arm of the Government that interprets the law and settles the disputes ,it is ironical and quite unfortunate that the Lady Justice,Nancy Baraza,didn’t show her sober character ,her moral uprightness and dignity,she chose to throw all these virtues to the dogs,which are a requirement to the holders of that vital office.

After going through to what was described at the time as one of the tedious through vetting process ever subjected to appointees,it is unfortunate that that incident unfolded much later of which it unfolded another hidden character of her,which she had chosen to hid under the cover of a good reform minded ,articulate, and competent lawyer.An outsider who was considered to bring the much needed reforms and break the status quo in the Judiciary.

That much published confrontation at the village market can be described as unfortunate.Even the Deputy Chief Justice has acknowledged that there was an incident at the mall,which she described as “unfortunate”,but,said she,”certainly had no intention of high handedness,arrogance,or,ill-will”.

For a person of Baraza’s personality,standing in the society and learning which has distinguished him as a reform minded lawyer,such behaviour gives credence to the myth that women are not good leaders.If it turns out that Lady Justice ,Baraza conducted herself in a manner alleged ,i’m afraid that we have yet to identify kenyans who are capable of holding public offices responsibly.

But,in a matter of introspective ,the deputy chief justice,Nancy Baraza ,failed the credibility test,when she failed to contain herself ,because true leaders are judged by their actions ,how they do carry themselves ,how they interact,accomodate and tolerate other citizens.

According to Salim Lone,he wrote that ,it is astonishing how leaders in so many societies fail to understand that the greatest damage they do to their careers is usually not through an initial blunder but in subsequent actions and cover-ups.It is so much easier to apologise and suffer the immediate consequences ,rather than wage an uphill battle that invariably leads to political death.

That controversial incident questions his conduct ,and ,exposes him to ridicule and question marks in relation and in line to the new constitutional dispensation which demands that a person of Lady Justice Baraza’s caliber,her stand in the society and putting in mind the constitutional office she holds,should be a person of high integrity,humble,of good character who composes himself and above all morally upright.That is clearly spelt out in chapter 6 of the new constitution,which advocates leaders of high integrity.

Leadership should come with humility without which it is of no use to society.If it is true that Baraza intimidated and threatened a guard ,she must apologize to her and kenyans.We want the law to be applied uniformly,be it to the common mwananchi,or,any other important person in the society.We have for a long time fought for fairness and justice for all in the country.No one should be above ,or,below the law.All kenyans should be treated equally,with dignity and respect.

It should be a lesson to other leaders who like to throw their weight around,that times have changed .They should not expect every kenyan to recognise them wherever they go .And,due to her status in the society the Lady Justice expected the security guard to load him with a favour and spare him to the procedure of been subjected to security screening.

And,it seems it’s a tread which is emerging in herself as it also unfolded itself another incident where she had went to a local hospital and after she found the queue she confronted the secretary with her card prompting the secretary to first handle her at the expense of others.With these incidents the true colour of Baraza’s character is manifesting itself.Instead of showing integrity and humility,she is displaying her arrogance towards the general public she is supposed to pass judgement to.

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