The Mombasa Republican council;Is it a separatist group with a cause,or,is it a rebel group with no clear agenda?

The Mombasa republican council,which is morphing itself into a separatist is gracing our headlines and causing a major headache to the government.The Mombasa republican council,which was established in 1998,now says that they want to secede from KENYA,and,create a country based at the Coast province.Mombasa republican council claims that successive governments have not done much to alleviate poverty at the Coast.

  • And,the latest about the M.R.C was the disruption of mock election in the Coast.It is being proclaimed that the group has over 100,000 members and the number is rising steadily.But,it is their declaration that the Kenyan coastal region isn’t part of KENYA ,that has irked the government and the kenyan citizens.

But,this M.R.C’s cause has created a wedge within the kenyan citizens ,while some are supporting the group,others are totally opposed to them .According to Matuga Member of Parliament,Chirau Ali Mwakwere ,who appears to be supporting the group’s cause ,said that their land grievances are genuine and cannot be wished away.

Some are saying that M.R.C is about to alter the geographical shape of KENYA.Others are advocating for a Michuki-style crackdown on the members before they morph into Nigeria’s boko haram .

According to one social commentator ,he opined that the government’s indecisiveness regarding the activities of Mombasa republican council is troubling many coast residents .The secessionists demand by this illegal group are un -constitutional.It is distorting history to suit them.It has created animosity among the different communities .Why should we allow this movement to divide us?M.R.C ought to be told that Kenyans are free to live wherever they can afford to buy property .It’s use of violence against state organs must be stopped.This xenophobia is what terrorism is made of.

And,talk about separatists group in any country,with a demand of a secede-an autonomy of their own region from the Mother country.These groups do pose a security threat and a big headache to the government of the day until their demands are met.And,as the government tries to silence the group with brutal force ,the move turns out to be counter-productive .It only creates a giant out of them and further giving their agenda the undue mileage.Most of these separatist groups do have genuine resentments and demands from the mother country they are trying to break away from.

They starts as rebels with a cause,and,with time they morph into a separatist group which acts as the thorn in the flesh of the government.The government labels them as rebels and considers them as lone voices whining in the desert with an aim of staging an uprising,revolution and impacting negative ideals to the society.

And,the government needs to know that,a revolution does not require expertise ,all it takes is a group of angry and tired people,tired of being taken for a ride by demagogues who are in it for their own selfish interests and angry for having put them in that position.

  • These separatist groups happens to emerge from the minority tribes in the world who feels that they are being taken for a ride and oppressed by the bigger tribes and either they are forgotten,or,given a raw deal by the government.And,if their is an unfair distribution of resources by the government,exploitation,plundering of resources and massive corruption by the ruling elites in the government might cause and create a disquiet,hence necessitating an uprising.

China’s Tibetan separatist group,led by their leader,The Dalai Lama,has the most visible separatist group in the world.The Tibetan minority tribe has been fighting for a secession of their own country from China,a move which China resists forcefully,even threatening to cut diplomatic ties with any country that associates itself with this tibetans

  • But,what is separatism?According to Wikipedia,it defines it as the advocacy of a state of cultural,ethnic,tribal,religious,racial and governmental from the larger group.And,the factors that fuel separatism are largely emotional resentment of rival communities ,protection from ethnic cleansing and genocide,the economic and political dominance of one group that does not share power and priviliges in an egalitarian fashion.


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