The male gender in a fix,as they are been battered by their wives.

Nowadays men are finding it difficult to take charge of their marital affairs,they are in a fix,a very awkward situation,as they are being battered by their wives.That’s domestic violence against men is on the increase,and,on Saturday,February 11,in the Daily nation newspaper,a gruesome picture graced it’s headline front page.To most people ,it was one of the heneous acts ever to have graced our media outlets ,which caught many by surprise and left them mouth agape.

In that picture,a man was shown with stitches donning all over his face,with visible,serious panga cut marks which were inflicted on face.He had just came out of the intensive care unit,and,talking to the press he said that those injuries were inflicted by his wife,who had attacked him with a panga as he slept.

And,following that gruesome picture,a flood of opinions has erupted,and,many cases of battered men has come to the fore.Most of the affected men have emerged out of the closet to narrate to the world the predicament they are in,and what they have being going through in their marriages.

In a society that is too conservative which is controlled by severe african norms and cultural societal set up,it is in bad taste,disgusting,illogical,irresponsible and a story beyond re-approach for an african woman to beat her husband,or,even dare question him.And,a woman who commits such an offense can attract the full wrath of his family and the community in general .

But,the recent cases of men being battered by their wives is taking a heavy toil and erodes the society that is supposed to accord respect to men.And,to the contrary,the big question begs,why are our women taking this less travelled road of battering their husbands?Why is this tread taking root in our society which regards men as the leaders?

It seems as if it is a tread which is taking root in our society,and,especially in Central Kenya.It is a rising phenomenon which must be condemned and admonished at all costs in it’s entirety.

According to Maendeleo ya Wanaume lobby group,chairman,Nderitu Njoka,he says that the issue of husband battery in the country has gone out of hand.It is not an issue of poverty anymore.It is about women supremacy as they want to dominate men.

When we think of domestic violence,or,abuse we don’t often hear,or,think about the husband being the victim.It is usually the wife who is the reported sufferer.Yet more and more it’s coming out into the light that many husbands are victims of spousal abuse as well.Not as many as women times,but,it still happens.

According to Wikipedia’s definition of domestic violence,abuse ,is a pattern of abusive behaviours by one partner against another in an intimate relationship such as marriage,or,cohabitation.Webster dictionary defines it as the inflicting of physical injury by one family member ,or,household member on another.

David.l.Fontes in his article”men don’t tell”,argues that when a man is a victim of his wife’s physical abuse he’s both ashamed by the assaults of his wife and shamed by society for not “controlling”her better.Today ,men are made to ride backwards on donkeys,but,they are still considered “wimps”for letting their wives beat them,or,for complaining about their wives attacks.For many men”taking it like a man “means don’t complain and don’t show you are vulnerable ,or,in pain.With the prospects of being viewed as “wimps”and,or,having the assaults by their wives not believed,or,minimized by the general public and law enforcement ,it’s no wonder few men report their abuse,or,discuss it openly.

But,are men have themselves to blame for the predicament they are facing?To some argument those affected men are like the tossed coin and have themselves to blame because of failing as husbands.The moment they abandoned their husbandry and manly roles and duties,that’s the time a dice was cased and a knot tied to take them to the gallows.By failing to fulfill their mandate as the family provider created a breeding ground for the women take over.

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