On December 31st,2007,and the dawn of the new year of 2008,will in the future be in our history books and eked in our minds forever.This was the time our dear country slipped to the dogs,it was painted black.It was one of the darkest moments ,and ,trying times we faced as a country, and, as it’s citizens.And ,prior to that at that time ,the country was desperately waiting for the presidential results winner,after a hotly contested election.

The country was already polarized both politically and ethnically,and ,the delayment of the outcome results further fuelled the fire.It was like a time bomb in it’s final nicks of time seconds before it detonates itself.A heavy cloud of suspicion was hanging loose at the time which was created by the supercharged political and tribal shenanigans.

The Electoral Commission of Kenya,had delayed the outcome of the elections ,thus further creating an aura of suspicion ,that the election results were being manipulated .And,when it did finally announce the results declaring President Kibaki ,as the eventual winner on December,31st,hell broke loose and the next minutes the country was in flames ,just like a bomb which has just exploded causing massive deaths,wanton destruction and confusion.

Most kenyan couldn’t comprehend that their dear country was up in flames ,a country that was being described as an island of peace and a pillar of democracy.The country had slipped into an abyss and it was burning .The highlight of the violences was captured when a church was torched by the attackers.Many women and children ,who had sought refuge in that church due to the violences and displacement were burnt alive.

Our media outlets were totally awashed with pictures of dead people ,others critically injured ,as displacement and wanton destruction of property spread all over.Burnt shell of cars,buildings and farms characterized the scenario.Devious and heneous crimes were committed at that time as tribes turned against each other ,friends turned against their fellow friends ,as neighbours turned against each other.

That was Kenya for you then,which was been described as Africa’s island of peace.Nobody could have imagined that a country like Kenya could be rocked by violences.And,it’s on the same vein that the riots and violences rocked the capital city of England ,London which spread over to other major cities.Nobody could ever thought that such a civilised ,first country could ever be rocked in such riots.

The mayhem broke out following a protest over the death of a 29yrs old man during an apparent exchange of gunfire with police.Rioters torched vehicles,buildings and looted shops there in response to the fatal shooting.

One Tottenham resident was quoted as saying that so many people lost everything.It was just crazy.It looked like the blitz where we were living.

A country which had judged others harshly even condemned their actions was now rocked by riots and violences.Iran and Libya even went a step ahead to poke England by telling it’s police to observe restraints when dealing and handling rioters.

But’ i do wish to remind the west not to judge others ,especially Africa ,harshly ,or,look in bad light.Had we being suffering from a holier than thou attitude like the west,we would issue travel ban alerts to our citizens all over the world and declare U.K ,a no-go zone,greatly wounding the economy of Britain .Nato forces would begin air strikes so as to force Prime Minister Cameron’s government out of power .Nato would also work with the rebels so as to achieve it’s goal.

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