The Limuru 2,conference:Is it wrong for people who hails from one common region to converge and discuss politically sound leadership?

Due to the negative repercussions that are normally associated with tribalism,namely ,the post election violence and other tribal instigated disturbances ,a mere mention of the word tribe makes many wary of it.The 2007/8 post election violence that hit our country were closely linked to tribalism,negative tribal epithets and ethnic hatred that were propagated by politicians and tribal chiefs.Thus,it is in this underlying line that makes any tribal grouping that crops up to be cased in doubt.

Tribalism and ethnic hatred has been pinpointed as the root causes of all our problems that has devilled our country.It’s one of the tools that has been used to perfection by politicians and tribal chiefs.And,tribal cocoons has always been the fall back plan.

That’s why the meeting which was held on Friday,23rd,March,under the auspices of Gikuyu,Embu,Meru[G.E.M.A],which endorsed Deputy prime minister,Uhuru Kenyatta,as the flagbearer of the Mt.Kenya region has drawn varied mixed reactions from various quarters.A lot of views and two cents worth of opinions has being voiced and aired concerning the move.Some have criticized the move,while others have welcomed it .

According to the Prime minister,Raila Odinga,while commenting about the meeting,warned kenyans against electing leaders who seek tribal backing and advised them to vote based on ideologies.Tribal leaders would offer nothing to KENYA.They are likely to divide kenyans and urges voters to shun them.His views were echoed by one of his foo soldier Otieno Kajwang’,who said that Kenya is a multi party democracy,and not a multi ethnic cocoon.Let them not drag Kenya back to the dark old days of ethnicity by organising tribal meetings.

On Friday 23,March,leaders from the Mt.Kenya region congregated in Limuru,in what the organisers referred to as the Limuru 2 conference,to deliberate and chart the way forward on the possible move the region will take politically.A lot was at stake prior to the meeting,one was in seeking to anoint the the region’s leader and debate about the International Criminal Court,were top on the agenda.So many agendas were deliberated and resolutions passed ,but,it is the move that endorsed Deputy prime minister,Uhuru Kenyatta,as the heir apparent to President Kibaki,that irked many.According to the resolution,Mr.Kenyatta,was mandated to lead ,and,thus he became the ultimate leader of the region.

In a strong worded addresses that emerged from that meeting, references noted that the region is in a dire stare of a common enemy,how to cope with the I.C.C which have indicted the eventual leader,and,a further foreign international interferences by the western countries.And,so the region needs a strong willed leader who will lead from the front.

But,under the flabby exterior of all this,what is the problem in meeting and charting your way forward under the auspices of a region,or,community,as the binding factor?And,what is this hullaboo all about?Is it wrong for people who hails from one common region to converge and discuss politically sound leadership?

I accept the reality that the meeting ,dubbed Limuru 2,attracted a lot of media attention as expected of a gathering of national figures.I also do not take issue with the fact that the participation of Limuru 2 was restricted to Kikuyu,Embu,Meru,a.ka GEMA communities.The constitution grants such liberties,and,i applaud Limuru 2 participants for revealing to the rest of the nation where their political leaning lie…..and why.

There is much a do about nothing regarding the GEMA meeting held in Limuru.It was wrongly termed a tribal meeting that would potentially polarise the country.Other region outfits have had such gatherings without receiving as much consternation as has been caused by the GEMA meeting.Kenyans congregate in regional blocks to discuss business and politics.No one questions their motives.When GEMA meets,there’s huge uproar .Let’s accomodate each other.

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