“Dismiss it at your own peril,” this is what the chairman of the independent review commission said, when he was handing over his fact finding report to the president.  In a wide ranging of recommendations which were contained in his report, the chairman, retired judge, Johann Kriegler, was quick to warn Kenyans that, if his recommendations are ignored, we will find ourselves in the same paradox box come 2012 general election.


The Kriegler commission, was one of the commissions that was appointed after a peace deal was signed, of which was recommended by the team of imminent persons and the two negotiating teams.  It was charged with the responsibility of unraveling the mysterious circumstances that surrounded the flaws that occurred at last year’s general election.  They were also mandated to compile a fact-finding report with the recommendation on the way forward of which would be acted upon.


It was one of the reports that was much awaited and sought after by the Kenyans, and the international community.  The commission was heavily funded by the Kenyans Government and international donors and that’s why too much enthusiasm a waited the report.


Even the chief mediator, Dr. Koffi Annan, who brokered the peace deal, took his time off to receive the report, and to showcase the magnitude it holds to the Kenyan people.


While handing over the report, to the President and prime Minister, the chairman and his commissioners sounded an alarm to the Kenyan authorities and their people, if they fail to act on the report.


However, as per expectations of many people and what they expected from the report, it didn’t measure up to the expected expectations as most people expected the report to reveal who was the real winner of the last year’s general election.  The report ruffled many feathers, and caused jitters across the board.


The report also flouted and earlier assumption rumor that was fronted by the O.D.M party, that there was massive rigging at Kenyatta International Conference Centre.  During the tallying of votes.  The commission couldn’t compile a concrete evidence to link it.


The politicians with their grasshopper vision have started the blame game and irresponsible utterances instead of visualizing the bigger picture of how we can act on the recommendations.


In the report, one of the main recommendations the commissioners pointed out is the total overhaul of the Electoral Commission (E.C.K), because it has lost its credibility.  They also recommend for the independence of the E.C.K and that’s why they proposed for its autonomy to protect it from external forces.  Also recommended was an Oversight board to oversee E.C.K discharge it’s duties.


But, like all other reports, the commission failed to hit the nail on the head.  It laid all the blame on the sideways instead of the main way.


And, to understand it better we must give a simple analog.  Imagine you have a toilet that has blocked its system and it has failed to flush the contents to the sewer.  Then you hire a plumber to unblock and repair it.  The plumber notes that the system is good, but there were obstacles that were flushed down the system that made it to block.


After a well job done, the plumber informs you that it’s the passage system which had the problems, instead of telling you the whole truth that the main users of the toilet were the main cause of the toilet to block.


Just like the good plumber, the commission didn’t tell us the truth instead they laid the blame on E.C.K, although they pointed out that the whole affair was flawed right from the beginning.


The politician’s stands accused for clogging and blocking up the whole system because of their hate and irresponsible utterances, propagating hatred, creating divisive rumors.

The Government must set pace, act on this report to correct the past anomalies to block their recurrence.  Kenyans also shouldn’t be fast to express desertification with the Kriegler commission’s report, just because some of us were simply curious to know who won.


Even if Kriegler told us who won the disputed election, would that really help us progress or will it further jeopardize the peace we so treasure?


Let’s focus on the recommendations, otherwise, just like the Judge said, we might as well perish come 2012.


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