The Kenya’s ,former,Members of parliament who graced the 10th,Parliament;We may get angry at them,and,call them greedy self seekers,but,it isn’t their fault ;we are to blame.

If there is one group of people that was condemned and their verdict passed by the public opinion courts,it is the former Members of Parliament.According to the court’s opinion,they should be trashed to the gallows ,or,in the dustbin to rot there.They irked the public by poking their noses in the Treasury and awarding themselves hefty retirement pay packages.

In it’s twilight of it’s period,the 10th Parliament,awarded themselves hefty pay packages which were meant to be send off packages unto themselves .And,this move has lit a public outcry ,and,a clash of opinions within the Kenyan citizenry.

There is a great deal of sactimonius outrage in the air ,but,the anger is misplaced .We get angry at Members of Parliament and call them greedy self seekers ,but,the truth is that it is not their fault ;we are to blame.Legislators are not aliens .They do not drop from another galaxy and have their way with our resources.They are a direct product of our choices.

The Kenyan legislators aren’t new with this trend of awarding themselves hefty pay packs ,they do have a petite of increasing their pay packs.They are among the first category of Legislators who are highly paid in the world.In the past they had increased their pay packs and allowances ,while other attempts have been thwarted at the 11th hour.And,this time round ,the President had to step forward to avert their temptations by not accenting to the financial bill,which the Kenyan people could have bore the burden.

Under the cover of darkness the former Members of Parliament had amended the financial bill to sneak in these erroneous pay packs.

But,are our legislators to blame………,or,……are we to blame the citizenry?The problem with our political culture and system as Kenyans is that it is not built to sift quality,integrity,or,character of parliamentary level and below.It is stunts like the retirement packages that reveals the moral poverty of our political system and more importantly the fact that the people are not happy with the status quo.

Kenyans do not want to be taken advantage of by their leaders .The problem is that they are afraid to shun ethnicity

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