…..The Kenya we, this was the theme slogan which was dubbed for the major conference which was held in Nairobi an initiative of the Government. Under the auspices of that theme the Government wanted he Kenyans to deliberate the Kenya they wanted and debate on the way forward and he course of direction we needs to trend.

As usual high powered government delegation right from the president vice-president. Prime minister, cabinet ministers, members of diplomatic missions and participants who were drawn from all over the country, graced the occasion. The leaders as has been the norm at such kind of conference , came with their sweet, smart and honed talk , where they talked about laying down good strategies, restrictions good governance riddled with corrupt free institutions.

They talked about how they will attain and accomplish the vision 2030, improve security, tackling corruption to the core, create wealth, eradicate poverty, demonish tribalism and negative ethnicity among tribes. Contain famine which is ravaging the country , and above all how they will feed the notion.

But this empty promises turns out to be empty rhetoric from our leaders and a slap in the face to the Kenyans because they don’t want their talks

But was this conference necessary bearing in mind the fact that there were other conferences held before with the same them? And was it held at the right time considering the situation of the country which is awkward?

According to most social commentators in their debatable argument they argued that there wasn’t any need to organize the Kenya we want conference because there were other conferences held before with the same title which had a whole set up of recommendations. They said that the organizers were wasting taxpayers money and all what they needed to do was to big out the information on last conferences numerous commissions taskforces seminars and reports on the shelves and implement them

But just at a coincidence this conference came against a major back drop of a highly sensitive scandalous maize and oil scams which has shaken the government to its care because it’s implicating high government officials in the coalition.

The coalition Government is in the offensive side, pushed in a tight corner as it tries to explain to the public how the government’s maize and oil reserves ran out of stock. And how they were sold to the politically correct cartels who then profiteered themselves by selling those commodities at exorbitant prices at the expense of the famine stricken Kenyans

These scams have necessitated the price of these precious commodities to skyrocket beyond most people’s ability. These heinous acts are causing serious ramifications to the government and the Kenyan people because the donor community is shying away from committing themselves to any aid they may grant despite the government’s passionate appeal and declaration to alleviate the current famine.

The minister of agriculture is trending on the live wire as he tries to stay clear of any wrong doing, after he was taken to task by the parliament over this issue, He’s trying to explain his way out, but he is finding himself in tight spot in this never die issue The general public hasn’t spared him either for they have castigated him in the public opinion court over his involvement and handling of this whole issue.

Also, the coalition Government hasn’t escaped the full wrath of the public due to its failure to act and make heads to roll despite their continued instance that they’ll fight corruption.

An uphill task awaits the coalition the government to dissiment justice upholds the rule of law and ends the culture of impunity so that the people who were behind the atrocities can be held accountable. The people who lost their loved ones want justice to prevail and take its course.

The resettlement of the internally displaced people back in their farms is another issue at hand. They want to be resettled and assured of their safety which will be guaranteed.

The entrenchment of the new constitution dispensation is a must score for the government after they enticed people that they’ll deliver of which has eluded the Kenyan people for quite along time.

According to the former subukia member parliament , koigi wa wamwere , commenting on this issue in the daily nation February 11, wrote that the whole conference was a total failure.

He notes that it was structured to discuss Kenya of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. When the conference failed , they didn’t fail everybody.

They failed for the poor but succeeded for the rich The conference too will succeed for the rich …… give them a false ideological lifeline ……. But fail for the poor .

At the conference, Kenyans rightly said the two major obstacles to a better Kenya were bad leadership, corruption and negative ethnicity.

And, he concludes that in a society of the rich and the poor, we can not speak of “one nation, one dream” because a dream conceived by hyenas for the sheep can only succeed for the hyenas, never for the sheep.

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