As the spat between the Eldoret North, Member of Parliament, William Ruto, and the Kenya Human Rights Commission’s commissioner, Hassan Omar, raged on and intensified on the public arena, the public opinion courts were already drawing their rulings on the subject mater, they were drawing their lines.And, one tends to ask whether will justice be meted out to the post election violence victims and do bring the perpetrators who propagated the violence to book?

The public spat opened a can of worms, a chapter which might compromise justice and questions the integrity status on the part of human rights commission lobby.That spat and in particular commissioner Omar, whom the allegations were leveled and directed at that he coached and bribed witnesses to link the M.P in the post election violence’s might throw the whole agenda into jeopardy.

Commissioner Omar faces an uphill credibility test if his name continues to be dragged in the mud.His integrity at the commission will be questioned.It is a situationwhich needs careful analysis and handling before it gets out of hand, it needs to be approached in a soberly mood.What is on the table are just mere allegations which we can’t verify which party is telling the truth until it is proven otherwise.

It all started with the Eldoret North Lawmaker visiting The Hague, the headquarters of the International Criminal Courts, to clear his name and tell his story over the allegations of his involvement in the post election violence’s.The I.C.C had written to him informing him that his name is been adversely mentioned linking him to the violence’s.

Also, in the Kenya Human Rights report, IN THE BRINK OFPRECIPICE, which had analysed occurrences and what transpired during the violence’s plus the culprits and masterminds.It is in the report that linked the Eldoret North M.P. after conducting their investigations.Mr. Ruto has since gone to the court to challenge the legality of the report and ensure that his name is expunged from the report and as per his argument he was not given an opportunity to defend himself over those allegations.

And, what transpired in the meeting between him and the I.C.C prosecutor Moreno Ocampo and his team remains scanty and a matter of speculation.

But, after he jetted back into the country, he was seething and enraged like a cobra waiting to strike, spitting fire like a Tomahawk missile ready to bomb everything and he was like a charging bull ready to contest in a high billed bull fight.

Even before the post analysis dust had settled of his visit, he had picked a bone with a human right commissioner, one Hasssan Omar, whom he accused of linking him to the violence’s that rocked the country by coaching and bribing witnesses.The agitated legislature has dared the commissioner to resign.Mr. Ruto has said that he is ready to drink from his cup while stressing his grant of cooperation with the I.C.C.

And, in a coincidence of incidences two purported witness emerged to claim that they had been coached, bribed and housed by the human rights commissioner to implicate the legislator with the volences.Addressing the press the witnesses showed the houses they have been living in and the upkeep allowances they have been getting from the commission.

The Human Rights Commission have come out strongly in the defence of their strategy that is been used world over to protect the partiality of the witnesses in regard to witness protection Act.They have said that there are guidelines which guide them to help protect the evidence the witnesses might have in their possession.

But, regardless of which party is telling the truth the fact of the matter is that the commission’s reputation is dented and might be punctured.Will they build their credentials and stand out as the human rights lobby which is acceptable to the public?Or, was it Mr. Ruto’s ploy to discredit the commission?Did he possess an ulterior motive to counter the I.C.C process?

This whole scenario has degenerated in to a sideshow which might put the matter of prosecutions into jeopardy.The questions of the right commission integrity are been fronted, and, it is worth noting that the commission report formed the basis of the recommendation of the Waki’s commission report which was handed over to the International Criminal Court.

Such an out of hand situation might compromise the whole meeting of justice as the commission’s report might be challenged and watered down the drain.

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