The shooting of 7 taxi drivers in Kawangware in Nairobi on 10th March, sent shock waves of anger and incensed the Kenyan public over this outrageous killings which was carried out by the Administration policemen. It was described as pure cold murder which was meted out on innocent civilians. According to the area Member of Parliament cabinet minister. Beth Mugo, she quieted the fatal shooting as pure cold blood murder of innocent taxi drivers on that Wednesday night which has elicited widespread condemnation and a public outcry against the police.

And in their characteristic manner, the police defended themselves by saying that they were responding to a distress call which prompted their response.

That unfortunate fatal incident raises key fundamental questions and queries over the policing in Kenya. It appears that the police don’t respect the sanctity of life and that’s why innocent people are been felled daily in total disguise of fighting crime. It also show cases the rot that has accumulated in the institution of police which has also been accused of massive corruption. This calls for total reformation in the institution of police.

The kawangware fatal shootings may have been a case of mistake identity, but the facts are that police shootings as suspected gangsters happen everyday and are rarely investigated. And when genuine suspects are killed as a matter of routine, detectives have difficulty uncovering intelligence that would prevent future crimes.

But as a matter of fact, the security situation in Kenya is rather wanting, has been in a grave situation below the par of the expectation which needs to be addressed amicably high profit cases of insecurity remains unresolved, serial murders have not been unraveled as the victims remain in the dark as justice eludes them, as the criminal elements roams scoot free. The Kenyan people cries each an everyday due to rampant cases of insecurity in the country.

And it seems as if the culture of extra judicial killings which the police were largely condemned of is back if the shooting are anything to go by. At the height of Mungiki adherents crackdown the police were widely condemned for extra judicial killings as many adherents of Mungiki sect disappeared without a trace and sometimes they were found dead.

To the taxi drivers, it was just a normal working day as they went on without their daily operations in their businesses. As the night scrolled to midnight, they didn’t know that their fate would be sealed with a bullet in a couple of minutes. Earlier in the day, there was a conflict between the taxi drivers and bodaboda motorcyclists over the business rivalry and they7 didn’t comprehend that that conflict might ignite a spark. It is quite disheartening that a conflict could lead to such deaths.

That fatal shootings exposed the polices trigger tendencies on unarmed civilians. It’s a critism they can’t brush off considering how many incidents lives have been lost and the use of excessive force when quelling protests. For quite a long time the relationship between the Kenyan police and the general public has always been soar, which is characterized by suspicion, mistrust due to the way they did handle the innocent civilians. They are well known in their tendencies to harass the innocent Kenyans. In the public eye, their image remains tainted.

But when will the Kenya police be held to account for their killings?

This unfortunate incident calls for speedy police reforms which will lead the country of impunity and bring accountability on their part. The administration policemen who killed the taxi drivers should be expeditiously are brought to book. Its quite unfortunate that the police who are supposed to be the custodian of the law, have become lawless and turned to prey on the Kenyans. But not all our policemen are guilty but the few rogues within the force should be arrested and arraigned in court.

According to Prime Minister, Raila Odinga,he wants this to be a test case of the Governments commitment to police reforms and the rule of law……so many people have been killed in the name of fighting the Mungiki or under the pretext the police shoot in self defense. .

The first lady, Lucy Kibaki also voiced her concern when she said that she wish to condemn in the strangest term possible, the force meted out by the police on innocent civilians who were gathered to protest at the killings of 7 taxi drivers in Kawangware.

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