The failed state of Somalia has always acted like that devious person who is always possessed, and, at all times only negative perceptions emanates from his sub conscious mind and nothing positive comes out of it, they are destroyers and not makers. It is now apparent and evident that Somalia cannot govern itself due to internal wars orchestrated by the religious Islamic extremists who are trying to overthrow the Transitional Federal Government. Three people will never know peace until concrete measures are laid out.

These Islamist militant extremists have recently been extending their operations of which they have taken their battle to their neighbour’s doorsteps. Somalia has flabbergasted the World and no solution has propped up to save it from anarchism.

Now this Islamist militant group, the Al Shabaab, the Proxy of Al-Qaeda, have made good of threats which they had issued that they will attack Uganda and Burundi. Uganda was a target as two twin bombs were detonated in a parked restaurant and an arena, which killed 76 people and injuring many others. The Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility, thus, their threats cannot be ignored or taken for granted anymore as it illustrates that we are courting a deadly time bomb in our region which calls for alertness at all moments. This amorphous rag tag group, Al – Shabaab has proved, demonstrated and made it clear that it is capable of exporting terror within their reach states.

And, Kenya isn’t an exception as we have received crosshair threats, they say that we do live in a glass house and we aren’t supposed to throw any stone. And, putting into consideration the resultant analysis of the last terrorist attacks which hit us in 1998 and 2003 pointed accusing fingers to Somalia which have al-Qaeda cells. With that we do have a case to worry about and ask our security and intelligence networks whether they are alert for any eventuality which may arise.

Bu, the most dangerous part of it all in the Al-Shabaab group, which has pledged it’s allegiance to the Al-Qaeda, is that the al Qaeda’s militant have already infiltrated the ranks of Al – Shabaab as Jihadists which can’t be taken for granted.

These two simultaneous bomb attacks at the eve of the World Cup finals demonstrates a height of an act of hypocrisy of extremism which is devious and Heinous committed by any human. This acts unfolds that the east African community

States are courting fire from within and are at a minute risk of these terrorist activities orchestrated by these extremist groups.

But the funny part of it is that trying to pin down a ragtag outfit that attacks opportunistically is like trying to fight with foam

The twin attacks brought home the stark reality that violent extremists in lawless Somalia have the capacity to export their brand of terror across the East African region. it follows that countries in the region must recognize the cancer in their midst and formulate the strategies to either cure it or cut it out.

In turn and what appears like a possible reiteration remarks out anger, the Ugandan president Yoweri museveni, has vowed to conquer and crush the al-shaabab Somalia based extremists group after those deadly attacks.”our troops will pursue and crush Al shabaab right inside Somalia .We will commit up to 20,000 troops for the mission ,he was quoted as saying ,and vowed to eliminate the terror-linked groups “

Whether he will make good is vow to conquer Alshaababis easier said than done considering what happened to Americans in is to be noted that Uganda was targeted by Al-shaabab because it is the main contributor to the A.U peace keeping contingent.

But until when shall Somalia embrace peace, will it it dawn one day when they puts in place an effective government which will promise its people propensity peace ,unity and a bright future to look forward to ? And what plans does the United Nation, African Union, I.G.A.P and particularly the international community for that failed country, does it feature in their strategic plans or will they watch as it delves into the dogs ,safe haven cells for terrorists and anarchism?

Since the government of dictator Mohammed Said Barre was overthrown Somalia has never known peace ever since. No effective government has been put in place, instead the country has ravaged by the inter clan and Islamist extremist wars. Millions of Somalia people have been displaced, killed while others are refugees in the neighboring countries especially in Kenya

The transitional federal government which was put in place has not yet Asserted it’s authority as it only controls a few places because it doesn’t have the necessary back up and good will to assert its authority. The extremist groupings have been calling the shots and it seems as if they outrun the T.F.G. They have been practicing the strict interpretation of the Sharia laws as they have cruelly imputed peoples hands, legs, ribs, and stone mobbing the victims contrary to the basic human rights,. They have also been calling for strict adherence of the Islamic laws and they have banned a number of activities which they say are western and unislamic.

And, not forgetting the gulf of Eden, which has turned out to be a no go zone for maritime ships due to infestation by the pirates where they have been hijacking ships and then demanding huge ransoms. Also, the Kenya’s problem of illegal firearms in the wrong hands is as a result of unlawlessness in Somalia. The rise of Islamic extremism in Somalia, particularly by al shabaab and its claim to links with al Qaeda has put the dirt poor country on the international radar

With the Kampala bombings, calls for urgent measures by the I. G. A. P. V. U. N and the international community to re-evaluate their strategies with regard to Somalia and what it can help the T. F. G assert its authority beyond Mogadishu. In particular the international community must step in to help bail out it like what they are doing in Iraq. Afghanistan before it tilts to anarchism and becomes another Afghanistan. With the intelligence reports already fife that the al Qaeda militants have joined the al shabaab is quite telling which deserves concrete measures to avert the influx.

In conclusion. It is quite another moment we do take concrete steps required to neutralize the activities and threats posed by terrorism fuelled by religious extremism. So far all efforts since the fall of Said Barre dictatorship to establish the lawless country or to contain the extremist menace have come to grief.

Such a barbaric action which was orchestrated by the al shabaab Islamists needs to be condemned. The bombings were a clear sign that the militias have plans to intensify their activities in the region. In addition it is clear that one country cannot fight terrorism on its own, it has become a global phenomenal. The threat from Somalia is very grave and

E.African states must unite and start to work together in the war on terror activities and to seek for amicable solutions to the menace. That is the only way they will combat this activities.

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