The International Criminal Court’s confirmed ruling on the Kenya’s cases.

The much awaited confirmation charges verdict on the kenyan cases at The International Criminal Courts,over the post election violence was delivered on Monday,23rd,January,by the Pre-trial chamber at the Hague.It was one of the ever anticipated ruling by the kenyans who waited with an a baited breath.And,it now seems as if justice has started to roll.

While delivering the verdict of the Pre-trial chamber,the presiding Judge,Ekaterina Trendafilova,said that the Court confirmed some cases,and,dismissed some.The Hague based Court reduced the “Ocampo 6″to the “Ocampo 4″.

In announcing the ruling,Judge Trendafilova,confirmed that ,as a result of the decisions issued,Mr.Ruto,Mr.Sang,Mr.Muthaura and Mr.Kenyatta,are committed to trial.They will be tried before a different chamber for the charges confirmed.She said that the Pre trial chamber put into consideration the delicate security situation in Kenya and it hoped it’s verdict would help maintain stability and protect the victims and witnesses.

The Pre trial chamber’s majority ruling was made by Judge Ekaterina Trendafilova and Cuno Tarfusser.Judge Hans-peter Kaul,dissented,saying the crimes did not meet the threshold of the International Court.He was of the opinion that Kenya could handle the cases.

But,Judge Ekaterina,was quick to add that,”the chamber wishes to be unequivocal and state that Ruto,Sang,Muthaura and Kenyatta are merely accused before this court.The decision issued by the chamber do not affect the liberty of the accused,which remains undisturbed.

And,with those statements from the presiding Judge ,the hammer had fallen against the 4 suspects.The move will open another chapter in our history books,but,it will be subject to suspects appeal, of which they have vowed to challenge.

While delivering the judgment,the presiding judge noted that there was substantial ground to believe that there were crimes committed in Kenya,as it is alleged by the prosecutor.Thus,the chamber committed the 4 to full trial for indirect responsible over the crimes against humanity after careful analyzes of the evidence adduced.

But,all is not lost on the suspects as a window of appeal was left open by the chamber.And,to the two who were acquitted by the Court,former Industrialization minister,Henry Kosgey,and,former police commissioner,Hussein Ali,according to the Court they are off the hook.

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