By now most kenyans are becoming accustomed to high inflation rates which has projected the increase of commodity prices,which has driven almost everything that makes their lifes worth living to skyrocket to almost triple digit figures.This inflation hasn’t spared even the very basic commodities.People are crying a cry of despair and desperate times have engulfed in most homes where most people lives under a dollar in a day.

And,that’s why they have petitioned the government to step in and arrest the situation before it’s too late.When it gets out of hand and reaches a point where it will be a gigantic problem which we will be unable to contain.

It all started with the skyrocketing of the oil prices which went up to almost double digits which culminated with a shortage supply which was blamed on the oil cartels who were hoarding the product.

Then came the human basic products and animal feeds which skyrocketed to digits which most consumers never experienced before.And ,the arguement  which was being floated was attributed to the short supply of raw materials ,that’s wheat and maize,which are key ingredients.And,that they are importing these products  where the world prices are high.

But,it’s abit naive and ironical on the part of the kenyan government to note that these products were rotting in the farm fields the other day and the government didn’t take that initiative to buy them only to haunt us afterwards.We do only strategize when a disaster hits us.

And,the funny part of it is that despite the skyrocketing of the essential commodities prices the salaries,wages and the purchasing prices of the farm produce hasn’t reciprocated in comparison with the inflation.They salaries hasn’t gone up ,it’s still the same and thus it’s eroding the farmers and the salaried people.

It is worth noting that this time round the inflation rates have hit their almost high,from an annual average of 4.1 percent in 2010,the inflation rate rose to 13 percent in May,3 times higher than last year’s average,thus eroding the purchasing power of kenyans.

But, as we feel the shocks of the inflation rates which have occasioned the skyrocketing of most commodity prices ,we might tend to ask,are we the price of corruption?Are we paying the money that’s being lost in dubious ,corrupt dealings that has dogged our systems of governance?

It has being argued in some quarters that due to rampant and massive corruption in our systems of governance,millions of money are lost in the dubious deals and to compensate this money that’s being lost ,the costs are pushed on to the consumers which occasions the skyrocketing of the prices.That’s where  the money that was lost is recovered and at the same time we do pay that price.

And, the hardest hit is the oil sector,basic commodities and the animal feeds.Despite the world oil prices being high  which has being attributed to political disturbances in the Arab world ,our pump oil prices have increased abnormally.

Another rumour that is making round has it that the high oil prices that we are witnessing and experiencing in the country is a conspiracy to raise the campaign funds money.It’s a rumour which can not be brushed aside considering how the political class and elites manipulates the system in their favour .The cartels are also in the fray ,preying on the same where they are having a filled day ,capitalising and benefitting from the high prices.

But,as a matter of fact,the massive corruption in our procurement tendering procedure has being cited as being one of the contributing factors which has occasioned the skyrocketing of most commodity prices.Also,the alarming rates at which the Government is losing the corruption cases is suspect  and quite telling ,and one tends to wonder where the government will find the money it has lost to fill that void.

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