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Now if the International Criminal courts pre-trial chamber gives a go ahead in the Kenyan prosecution it will be bound for the Hague, The envelope is finally open and in it’s scandalous contents, the I.C.C accuses leaders on both sided of the governing coalition of the murders of the innocent, rape, torching of homes and displacement of families. And, just like a wildfire which threatens to burn and consume everything that is flammable in the forest, or, a raging storm which rages on which must hit it’s target, this is what is transpiring after the wheels of justice of the I.C.C starts rolling and came calling.

It has now dawned that the Hague is a reality and the influential targeted suspected masterminds individuals future hangs on the balance and they are walking on a tight rope as they make desperate attempts to rescue themselves from the I.C.C prosecutors wrath. Their sympathizers and supporters are seething in anger and rage as they try to console them while at the same time promising cash and moral support.

The international court prosecutor made good his threat to act on the Kenyan case as a test case to other countries and according to his own words he intends to prosecute 6 personalities whom he thinks bore the biggest responsibility for the 2007/08 violent post election chaos. And, that is why on Wednesday 15th, December, at 2 pm Kenyan time he dropped a bombshell at the Hague, announcing his intention to charge the named suspects who bears the greatest responsibility, 5 of them prominent, with murder, rape and displacements.

He said that these were not just crimes against innocent Kenyans. They were crimes against humanity as a whole. This is the beginning of a journey, there is long journey to justice in Kenya. By breaking the cycle of impunity for massive crimes, victims and their families can have justice. He further clarified that the cited six are the most responsible ……of course.

A preferred two case concerning Kenya to the pre-trial chamber judges at the I.C.C was what the prosecutor presented for the issuance of summons for them to appear before the court and answer charges of crime against humanity.

The intended charges relate to the 2007 election violence’s which more than 1100 people were killed, 3500 injured and 650,000 evicted from their homes. It is to be noted that the post election violence was one of most violent periods of the nation’s history.

After the Ocampo’s announcement the country’s general reaction confirmed that as a country we are in a crisis and the Government is in a panic. It has caused a wedge in the political circles and a lot of jitters among the political elite class who are arguing that it is a political scheme that has been hatched to eliminate some political careers.

In the wake of I.C.C action on 6 suspects seen to have played a principal role in Kenya’s descent into post election butchers, strong reactions would have been expected . There are those who will be happy that the financiers and planners of the vicious bloodletting will finally face justice. Then there are those who will be unhappy, even bitter that their community and regional political leaders have been caught in the crosshairs of international justice system they think has not given them a fair hearing.

And most of the suspects have all categorically denied the allegations leveled against them by the I.C.C prosecutor, arguing that they are been sacrificed as the list was selective. They said that those allegations are suspicious and doesn’t hold any water, while at the same time they said that they will cooperate with the I.C.C, as an institution.

Overall judgment of Ocampo’s list has it trashed, dismissed, condemned and vindicated by the political class because it touches the nerved of the political heavyweights, influential and powerful individuals who are close to the power. But, accusing fingers are being pointed at various people as trying to undermine these brothers political future.

The Hague based list has ruffled many feathers in the political circles and we might anticipate major political realignments. It has raised the ethnic emotions fuelled by the colorless politicians who have embarked on a frivolous campaign to discredit the I.C.C process will do us no good.

Failure by the parliament to establish a local tribunal necessitated our case to be taken over by the I.C.C many observers will see. The Hague as self inflicted; quite apart from leading the country, the political elites rejected efforts to try the suspects locally.

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