Just like a river in it’s later stages of the flow where it has clearly channeled out it’s main course curse of it’s flow which it will follow while meandering into the ocean, the same case can be said of the proposed constitution. Most of the people have decided which way to vote during the referendum. The lines have been clearly marked and each of the two factions which is supporting, or, rejecting the constitution is following it’s own course of argument.

Whether it will reach the point of drain is a matter of choice and also a concern because of the shenanigans that are involved in these campaigns.

Sometimes the river is characterized by waterfalls rapids, cataracts and too much silting which all makes their river un-navigable. Also, the conduciveness of the environment is another factor of weather characterized by flashfloods and thunderstorms prohibits proper navigation.

As a country this is what we are trying to maneuver around using this proposed constitution. We are trying to make it sail through our murky, turbulent political waters which are still bumpy. We do have a strong urge for a new constitution, but the million dollar question is, will the proposed constitution unite Kenyan people or will it divide them even further along tribal lines thus creating tribal grudges?

This are vital and hard questions we need to ask ourselves, ponder over them and unfold them as we gears up for the forth coming referendum vote. We might be slipping ourselves into an abyss in tricking ourselves that we are moulding our country due to ignorance and a few hiccups here and there.

The proposed constitution is navigating at turbulent times, the river is flooded and at the end of the day we must sail through, and, just like the water falls spirals and rapids which hampers the free flow of the water falls spirals and rapids which hampers the free flow of the water of which can be of disastrous effect when navigated upon, the same case it might apply in the way the proposed constitution.

Just put into consideration what happened at the ill packed Uhuru park rally on Sunday 13th June , where three grenade were detonated killing 6 people and injuring more than 70 people which was a matter of grave concern to the republic and the Kenyan people.

The bustard attack on the NO campaign rally is the most deplorable Occurrences. In the country in the recent past. It is a pity and illogical that people have to die because of their sheer shenanigans associated with referendum campaigns. And, it hurts that Kenyans do learn in a hard way.

The prayer meeting cum referendum campaign was what the religious leaders who are against the proposed constitution had prepared and planned.

The meeting went on as per their script, but, unfortunately at the end of the final prayers the tragedy happened disrupting everything and throwing into disarray.

While all right minded people must deplore the barbaric attack and commiserate with those who lost family and friends in the outrage, the violet has given the green light to those who wish to impose their will on others.

In conclusion, the general overview of this whole deadly scenario signals and unfolds the dark side of our page which raises political temperatures which we are playing with just like the Russian roulette. Our old devious shenanigans which have haunted us for quite along time which made the eruption of post election violence’s in 2007 ceased with the signing of the National Accord. It acted as a ceasefire which might erupt at any given time, and, this is a big signal of what is sprouting out.

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