The former Finance Minster, Amos Kimunya, has gone under, after he offered himself to step aside.  After he vowed that he will fight till to the end but it seemed like the former minister succumb led to the pressure and decided to pave the way for competent investigation to the whole saga.


But, was Mr. Kimunya fairly treated when he was subjected to mob lynching, as one colleague of his, that’s Uhuru Kenyatta lamented, without even adducing much evidence and lying down facts and figures? or was he a victim of circumstances?


And, why is it that any matter that arises in Kenya’s political situations and how we deal with them, resolve them, you only have to pity the governance system and wander around.  Instead of addressing our issues and disputes diplomatically, we normally use the public galleries to resolve our discontents where we undress each other.


If you look critically at the current simmering row and the hottest saga at the moment, that’s the sale of the Grand regency hotel, of how it’s been tossed up and down, you only have to nod your head in a bit of disapproval.  If you happens to listen to the proponents of the saga who are championing it, and shouting at the rooftops, that the hotel was fraudulently sold, you only reads a sinister motive behind them because they aren’t tabling the evidence to back their calls.


The grand coalition Government faces an acid test again, as the cabinet is already divided over this issue.  Relevant issues have taken a backseat while blame game, counter accusation, political maneuvering, hitting others below the belt have taken the centre stage.


Whether the coalition Government will hold itself, only time will tell, as politicians from both camps continues to wash their dirty linens in the public.

And, amid all the dust and brouhaha over the sale of the grand regency hotel now being passed off for reasoned criticism, key facts have become obfuscated to the point of being obliterated.


But, what’s all this fuss all about whereas there are more diplomatic ways of dealing with this issue?


I think the coalition Government has failed it’s first test because this issue ought to have being addressed in the cabinet meetings and spare us from these shenanigans of these politicians whom today are portraying themselves as saints whereas their records casts doubt.  Most politician are trying to seek a political mileage over this issue.


The whole governance system failed to address this issue adequately, because, I don’t think of how the former finance minister could have acted upon himself without informing the higher authorities.  The admission by the Prime Minister that he was briefed over the matter is rather quite wanting.


According to Mr. Kimunya, most relevant authorities were informed beforehand over the sale of the hotel, and it’s only that they aren’t telling the truth.  He also disclosed that some had even demanded a bribe to okay the sale.


The former minister may have stepped aside, but the Government must appoint independent inquiry to unravel the whole truth over this saga.


When the dust finally settles, Kenyans will soon realize that the Central Bank of Kenya have been excoriated for belating doing what the C.B.K is legally empowered to do.

But, one thing most Kenyans wouldn’t like to hear, is the golden berg saga, and it seems like it’s ghost will keep on haunting us forever.  The golden berg saga started way back in the early 90s where dubious transactions were hacked in the Government and public monies were siphoned by corrupt personalities.


The golden berg saga has stretched to almost 17yrs without being unraveled despite vicious court battles and judicial inquiry.


The grand regency hotel, which is at the Centre of dispute, was bought by this money after the chief architect of the saga admitted

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