Since the advert of multi – party politics in Kenya, in the early 1990s, the opposition politics has been with us ever since.  The opposition politics have been vibrant ever since and it’s known for it’s production of top-notch.  Fiery and articulated politicians like the president, prime minister and many others.


The introduction of multi-party democracy in Kenya hasn’t being a smooth sailing affair, as it was a kind of liberation hence it was dubbed “the second liberation”.  A lot of political battles have being fought, where a lot of sacrifices have being made in the name of multi party politics.  This agitation resulted to the repealing of section 2a of the constitution to pave way for it’s recognition by the constitution.


But, after the 2007 general election, we found ourselves in an unfamiliar territory, some nasty and gravious scenes took over as the state delved into a near collapse.  The situation was quickly getting out of hand and the country was quite desperate of which it required desperate measures.


A solution was found after a tedious mediated talk.  A final straw was un-earthed, hence the formation of a grand coalition Government, inclusive of strange bedfellows.

The resultant of the coalition Government shored aside the opposition politics in Kenya, and nobody in the negotiating team bothered to address the issue of the opposition in parliament.


But, in a quick rejoinder of events, a section of discontent M.Ps led by the progressive M.p, Ababu Namwamba, who thought that they were given a raw deal and who are been labeled as the rebels in their party have been pushing for the legislation of the grand opposition through an amendment of the National reconciliation accord so that they can check on the Government.


But, the godfathers of the political parties who fear disintegration in their parties are totally opposed to this idea.  They are arguing that as a result of coalition Government there’s no need of opposition politics because it will undermine the gain of the coalition Government.


But, do we need to erase the opposition politics just because we formed a grand coalition Government.


I’m of the thought that we need an opposition to keep the Government on its toes so that it can deliver on the promise it made to Kenyans.  We fought for multiparty politics and we cannot lose sight of that.


We have been forced into an unnatural cohabitation by a crisis but we shouldn’t consider sitting back and agreeing that we should have a totalitarian regime, grand coalition.


The momentous past scandals, like goldenberg, anglo-leasing and many others are bigger pointers that we need checks and balances and I see no way that an opposition wouldn’t fit the bill.

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